Invitation for Bids at PHCN


The Federal Republic of Nigeria

Invitation for Bids

Nigeria Electricity and Gas Improvement Project-Additional Financing:

Construction, Rehabilitation and Reinforcement of 330/132RV& 132/33kV Transmission Substations


Date: 4th July, 2013

Loan No.: CR 46200 UNI



1.       The Federal Republic of Nigeria has received a Credit from the International Development Association (IDA) towards the cost of Nigeria Electricity and Gas Improvement Project and it intends to apply part of the proceeds of this credit to payments under the contract for the Construction. Rehabilitation & Reinforcement of 330/132kV & 132/33kV Transmission Substations: (NGP-T4).

2.       The Power Holding Company of Nigeria Plc – Project Management Unit (PHCN-PMU) now invites scaled bids from eligible bidders for the Construction, Rehabilitation and Reinforcement of 330/132kV and 132/33KV transmission Substations (NGP- T4).

Lot I:           Uguwaji (Enugu) 330/132/33kV Substation – New, 9th Mile Conner (Enugu) 132/33kV substation – New and rehabilitation and reinforcement of Awka 132/33kV, Oturkpo 132/33kV and Yandev 132/33kV Substations

Lot 2:          New Kano (Kano) 330/l32/33kV Substation – New, Billiri (Gombe) 132/33kV Substation – New and rehabilitation and reinforcement of Gusau 132/33kV and Talata Mafara 132/33kV Substations

Lot 3:          Kabba (Kogi State) 132/33kV Substation – New and rehabilitation and reinforcement of Ogba 132/33kV and Sagamu 132/33kV Substations

International competitive bidding will be conducted in accordance with the Bank’s Single-Stage Bidding Procedure.

3.                Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from and inspect the bidding documents at Power Holding Company of Nigeria Plc, Project Management Unit (PHCN-PMU) at address 1 given below from 9:00a.m to 5:00p.m week days Nigeria time starting from 4th July, 2013

4.                Complete set of bidding documents in English may be purchased by interested bidders on the submission of a written application to the address (1) below and upon payment of a non-refundable fee of fifteen thousand Naira (N15, 000. 00) or one hundred US Dollars (US$ 100.00). The method of payment will be by Certified Bank Cheque in favour of PHCN.

5.                The provisions in the Instructions to Bidders and in the General Conditions of Contract are the provisions of the Bank Standard Bidding Documents: Procurement of Plant, Design, Supply, and Installation

6.                Bids must be delivered to the address (1) below at or before 12:00 pm on 10th October, 2013. All bids must be accompanied by a bid security of:


Lot 1: Seven hundred thousand US Dollar (USD 700. 000. 00)

Lot 2: Eight hundred thousand US Dollar (USD 800. 000. 00)

Lot 3: Three hundred and twenty thousand US Dollar (USD 320. 000. 00) or equivalent amounts in a freely convertible currency. I ate bids will be rejected.


5.       Firms that cannot meet the following key qualifications requirements are not encouraged to participate in the bidding process:

(a) Average annual turnover requirement


Minimum average annual turnover of:

Lot 1: Thirty Five Million US Dollar (US$35.0m)

Lot 2: Forty Million US Dollars (US$40.0m)

Lot 3: Sixteen Million US Dollars (US$I6.0m)


Calculated as total certified payments received for contracts in progress or completed, within the last Five (5) years


(b)   Financial Resources:

The Bidder must demonstrate access to, or availability of financial resources such as liquid assets, unencumbered real assets, lines of credit and other financial means, other than any contractual advance payments to meet the following cash-flow requirements:


Lot 1: Six Million US Dollar (US$6.0m)

Lot 2: Seven Million US Dollar (US$7.0m)

Lot 3: Three Million US Dollar (US$3.0m)


(c)   Specific Experience:

Participation as contractor, management contractor, or subcontractor, in at least Two (2) contracts within the last Ten (10) years, each with a value of at least:


Lot 1: Twenty Seven Million five hundred thousand US Dollar (US$27.5m)

Lot 2: Thirty two Million US Dollar (US$32.0m)

Lot 3: Twelve Million six hundred thousand US Dollar (US$12.6m)


7.       Bids will be opened in the presence of the bidders’ representatives, who choose to attend at the address (2) below at 12:15 pin on 10th October, 2013.


Address (1)

Engr. A. J. Ciroma

General Manager, Project Management Unit

7, Hombori Street, Wuse II,

Abuja 900288,


Tel: – 234-9-8705449, 8746421




Attention: General Manager – Project Management Unit


Address (2)

Rockview Hotel (CLASSIC) -Gurara Hall

Plots 194/196 Cad Zone A8

Adetukunbo Ademola Crescent,

Wuse II, Abuja.

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