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  1. Austin 0wumi says:

    a good start for transparency,would want to get tenders in upstream of the oil and gas sector of the Njgerian Economy

  2. Edwin Uduefe says:

    What a wonderful website you guys have put together, absolutely brillant. We are in the Solar Energy and Energy Efficient Products Industry, would appreciate it if we could get updates on our specified industry. Keep up the good work.

  3. franklin aghogho says:

    nigeria is surely getting better and do continue with this so that we can receive tender adverts.pls we would like to be receiving tenders on construction and electrical works by mail

  4. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity,hope you continue with this good work that enables us to get access to Tenders as we are interested freight forwarding tender from anywhere in the world.

  5. Gabriel says:

    I hereby show my desire to always get the information for subsequent tender, bids, prequalification and contracts in Nigeria by email

  6. Uche says:

    It is my pleasure to always get the information for subsequent tender, bids, prequalification and contracts in Nigeria by email

  7. Land & Water Partnership Limited says:

    Bravo- wish to congratulate all Nigerians for such a wonderful opportunity by having such a relevant information by our doorstep. Please continue with the good work and we assure you of our innermost support to remain and progress in business world.

  8. Obarotimi S.A says:

    Well I thank God for this opportunity you made available for Nigerians who believes there is hope for this country particularly the self employed some have registered company with C A C 5-10 years there is no tangible contract executed as a result of lack of information of available contract from the public and private sector. Pls keep it up and Nigerian today and tomorrow will continue to appreciate you efforts

  9. BonaTech Engineering Inc. says:

    Great resource. Thanks for making tender info available for the rest of the world. You will be amazed on what it takes to obtain info within the country.

  10. I sincerely commend your efforts and request that I receive any tender info coming up as my company is into general contracts.


    Thanks for this service. Is it possible to receive notices on REAL ESTATE VALUATIONS(COMPENSATIONS, CAPITAL ETC.) into our e-mail address box? We shall be very grateful if that can be done.


    Thanks indeed for this forum. At least I’d always be aware of opprtunities to consider and apply for any tender of my choice without actually visiting the vendors.

  13. Princess says:

    i love this. I request to be sent this to my mail.

  14. clement temple says:

    i will be please to be informed of the daily update of all the tenders adverts and messages in our e-mail.


    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity,hope you continue with this good work that enables us to get access to Tenders on a platter of gold.

    Would however want to receive Tenders like Diving and ROV Services.

    Best Regards.

  16. Ladiolu says:

    Wonderful initiative! Can we make it more comprehensive? Thanks and keep up the good work.

  17. Vinosa Industries Nigeria Ltd says:

    It’s our utmost desire to always receive tender advert and messages in our e-mail.

  18. Langs Dawah says:

    I’m happy for my country Nigeria for this initiation, let people of goodwill be giving little chances to render their contribution not those that are above the law please.

  19. enoch adigizi says:

    its will be my pleausre to receive mails and massages.

  20. Mark Knudsen says:

    Thanks for this information. It’s good to see that developing nations like Nigeria are striving towards a fair, open and tranpsarent tendering process by making news of it available to the whole world.

  21. joan peters says:

    please send me updates on tender advertisments.

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