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  1. osamagbe says:

    please can you post tender that are available in the oil and gas industry even if they are not listed on the nipex portal

  2. IGO GOIN says:


  3. usman says:

    recruitment of road and bridge construction engineer and excellence chief of mechanic and relevannt technicans with years experience and professional attitude to grow up with us, do not hesistate to lost urchance, contac us at yqrose@sohu.com and call zooopen315 from face book.

  4. JIMMY says:

    Am checking for EOI tender that was recently advertised on THE GUARDIAN by FHA about extension of FESTAC TOWN LAGOS

  5. Control Zee says:

    Control Zee is an Prints Agency with the technical and proffessional abilities to take care of your brands.

    We are based in Lagos State.

    For our services….contact us today
    08031155902, kessyarts@yahoo.com

  6. This is a very innovative idea coming from Nigerians.
    Stabilini Visinoni Ltd is one of the leading construction companies in Nigeria. We will appreciate receiving regular copies from you pls

    We are interested in Branding, Advertising, Printing and Publishing Contracts. Please we can be contacted with the following numbers 08066938941, 08022391697 or email vinolaemmanuel@yahoo.com.

  8. Mojisola Haruna says:

    I need a good job.

  9. Olawoyin Olatunde ( MBA,PMP) says:


    I advise me on necessary requirement for qualification.

  10. Ginika says:

    I am a Business Development Associate with Benjude West Africa, and we are into Importation and Sales of Electrical and Mechanical equipments, eg Cables and wires, Circuit breakers,lamps and Bulbs etc.
    please send me any Tender on Electrical and Mechanical equipments

  11. Kingsley says:

    I am a Civil Engineering graduate with Knowledge of AutoCAD and ArchiCAD who needs a job in an Engineering company where my CAD knowledge and work experience will be put in place. Mobile No- +2347066885753

  12. Ombudsman says:

    l respectfully endorse the total submission of Mr.Oluakeu above. Wining and obtaining contracts abroad is purely on merit. We have executed some contracts abroad base on merit but reverse is the case in Nigeria. l therefore firmly suggest that there shall be strong representatives from various states and bodies to see that contracts are strictly awarded not by Nigerian method.
    We are into oil/gas sector and construction.
    Sir, Ombudsman

  13. Ada Obaide says:

    Please send me every any tender that has to do with clearing, forwarding and haulage. thats my field and the name of my company is ZODIAK FRIEGHT SERVICES.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  14. Solid Wealth says:

    Please send me latest supply/procurement tender.

  15. Joshua Brown says:

    I would appreciate it if you can send us any contract on General Digital Mapping, Land administration and management, Facilities management and mapping, Spatial Database Acquisition and Development Disaster Risk assesment and Mapping, setting up of a functional GIS Lab or Unit in organisations, GIS consultancy and Supply of Geo-products such as High Resolution Satellite Imageries of any part of Nigeria. thanks.


  16. madawaki says:

    we are based in southern africa and would love to engage in infrastructure development activities in nigeria.we special in waste management and environmental pollution control.we have the latest technology in the construction of waterless urinals and toilet facilties for institutions and schools.we also engage in renewable energy from recycled waste power generation for towns and villages. interestd parties should contact us via this medium

  17. Bower4te Construction Ltd. says:

    Please, send us Contractor for Construction of 3-Bedroom Semi-Detached Bungalows in our Estate, POLICE HOUSING SCHEME OROZO, ABUJA.
    08133118999, 08075969668. bower4tehomes@yahoo.com

  18. We are a new, dedicated and committed cleaning company head-quartered in Lagos.

    Though we are small business compared to the large national based cleaning contractors, we feel that we have the advantage in being able to give you personal attention and support while being able to offer you a complete range of services, level of service quality and support for the complete maintenance of your facility

  19. I will be happy to receive updates on tenders for supplies of sporting facilities, corporate fitness for employees and sporting related matters.


  20. Please we are professional consultancy outfit rendering services in Accountancy, Auditing, Tax Management,and other professional Accountancy services. Kindly send us Federal Inland Revenue Service RFP proposal dated October 18, 2011.
    Please treat as urgent.


  21. Nurudeen says:


    GOLESTHER ENGINEERING LIMITED offers services in the following field of activities:
    • Water supplies and sewage Disposal
    • Structural Engineering
    • Irrigation Works
    • Dams and related hydraulic structure
    • Highways and Highway structures
    • Floor and Erosion control
    • Airport and offshore structural design.
    In addition to the above services, the company also provides the following
    • Reconnaissance survey, identification / formulation of project
    • Project feasibility studies
    • Project planning.
    • Water Engineering
    • Property Developer
    For more information our contact is below
    Golesther Engineering Ltd (Rc 951442 )
    4 Olusoga street,
    Ejigbo, Lagos.

    Mobile: 08034452672
    Mobile: 08094852022
    Land : 07040766266


  22. Nurudeen says:

    Please I need a contract
    Golesther Group to your Organization. Our areas of specialization include but are not limited to:
    Building & Civil Engineering Construction.
    Sales & Marketing of quality engineering materials.
    We have a widely experienced team of design, build and sales experts and possess the essential machinery, equipment, tools and warehousing to carry out projects efficiently in our core stated areas with foreign partners
    Golesther Construction
    At the heart of our group lies our engineering and construction expertise.
    For the last 10 years,
    The Company is in technical and business partnership with reputable Engineering and Construction outfits across the Country as well as in Europe, Asia and America. It has and maintains operational presence beyond Nigeria.
    We have worked across the country with our major projects executed in Lagos, Abuja, Benin, Oyo and Oshogbo town of Osun state.
    Our firm offers a range of services to clients. These services include feasibility studies, estimate designs, and preparation of contract documentation, installation of Mechanical, Electrical and civil works, supervision of construction and Property management.
    We offer our services in collaboration with other professionals: Planners, Architects, Civil Engineers, Quality Surveyors, Estate and Project Managers to achieve client’s desired goal.
    For more information our contact is below
    Golesther Engineering Ltd (Rc 951442 )
    4 Olusoga street,
    Ejigbo, Lagos.

    Mobile: 08034452672
    Mobile: 08094852022
    Land : 07040766266





    if there is need our services, please feel free to contact us


    have expertise and equipments in dredging, water, engineering and construction, environmental.

  26. adele chris nsirim says:

    please send tender for facility management in niger delta development co.

  27. Iyiola Lateef says:

    I will be appreciates if this site can provide our company enough printing jobs & supplies for up keeping of the company.


  28. Felix Owolabi says:

    I wish to inform prospective builders/contractors that we have a well equipped Block Moulding Equipment and provide Mobile Block Moulding Services {on site production}.
    This will provide many opportunities, some of which are
    1. Ensuring quality control as your consultant dictates our mix ratio which will be strictly adhered to.
    2. Further to this, every batch of block produced shall be certified by your agent/representative before being offer for sale.
    3. Easy access to block for the contractors which will be distributed with our truck.
    We surely hope you will find our services convincing as a sure mark of our dedication to excellence while we look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you.


    Please I need a contract. I am into Web Design, Graphics Design: Postal, Flier, Magazine etc Printing. Also an Accountant by 2nd Profession


    this site is great , keep up what you are doing that is right.

  31. SUNNY AJAYI says:

    Please send us supply for security equipment and other e-security items

  32. Daniel says:


  33. aqua pro consultancy services says:

    call for your mobile tarpaulin fish tanks and design of inexpensive recirculation fish farming technology

  34. Criterionglobal says:

    We have construction company that has the modern tools, pls do contact us, by Mail. Criterionglobal@yahoo.com

  35. ginco says:

    please send us cleaning contracts and fumigation /pest control service

  36. s.t. ojo says:

    Please, kindly send how Ican subscribl for tour daily advats to my mail box. ojo s.t.

  37. shukri says:

    I am a laptop/computer and sport equipment supplier. If any available tender for me, please contact me.

  38. jacinta says:

    pls send me mails for office furnitures,hotels,home,curtin,imported doors,furnitures of any kind,toilet and bathroom accessories.

  39. obinna says:

    This place is good to be. Pls I need a job in any confectionery food company or in a Fast food company as am well versed on Cakes and bakeries. Please should be in Lagos.

  40. Though this blog we can get more benefits.. Keep up this work.. Thanks for your effort..

  41. supply of labour, hardmear/safety materials, oilfield, civil/mechanical work, general contracting and marine equipments is our specialty

  42. Fressh start on this site. pray something positive as regard contract awarding happens to me.

  43. this site is great as well!

  44. Wealthybodis says:

    Hi, I would like to thank the creator(s) of this timeless site. Thanks a million for the good work. However, I would need your email address to communicate on business grounds. Thanks.

  45. val says:

    I want to commend the team doing this great work. But i will like to find out whether there are scholarships available for some one who wants to study flying,I mean to become a pilot?

  46. yusuf says:

    i need a media job,if possible in a radio house in lagos

  47. Oluakeu says:

    Most of the jobs online are already taken by the who knows who, it doesn’t matter what qualification you have.
    Our nation is just going down the drain day in day out.
    Why place adverts when you already have the chosen candidate.
    You keep applying and you get no responce.

  48. Ekpety Edidiong says:

    Edidong Ekpety, love this site so so much and i pray this site will help me to get a tangible job… im a Gratuate of babcock and my studied Geography, map reading, regional planning, town planner.. i would have love to work with FCDA, Federal Capital Development Agency…. but anyone i have now will be okay for me… pls help

  49. Chief George C. Uluocha says:


    Please, send us Construction/Engineering Projects.


  50. Ayo OKUNDARE says:

    Management Jobs and Logistics Jobs in Nigeria

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