Invitation to Tender for Sure-P Projects at Ministry for Local Government and Community Development, Gombe

Gombe State Government of Nigeria

Ministry for Local Government and Community Development, Gombe

Invitation to Tender for Sure-P Projects

The Local Government Areas of Gombe State have received allocation of funds from the Subsidy Re-investment and Empowerment Programme (SURE-P) as part of the Allocation from the Federal Allocation Committee (FAAC) to mitigate the effects of the partial removal of subsidy on petroleum products.

In a deliberate effort to ensure prudent utilization of these funds, His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Gombe State Alh. (Dr.) Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo, OON, (Talban Gombe), has undertaken a State wide Constituency Tour to Twenty Four (24) Constituencies of the State House of Assembly and interacted with the grassroot on their various projects needs and to achieve faithful delivery of these projects under the program.

At the end of this tour, His Excellency, the Executive Governor together with all Local Government Councils of Gombe State have appraised and selected projects of high social and community values that would socially transform and structurally support the livelihood of the rural populace in the State.

In furtherance of these objectives, interested competent contractors are invited to tender for the projects listed below.

LGA S/N Ward Project Location
AKKO 1 Kashere Construction of Dispensary


2 Hand Pump


3 Digging of Concrete Wells


Tongo, Wudil, Kaltangan Fulani and Laushi


4 Rehabilitation of Motorized Boreholes


Tumburu, Jama’are, Santuraki, Dongo Yelwa and Kaltanga
5 Purchase and Installation of New Transformer


6 Pindiga Construction of Maternity Clinic


Lambo Kaltanga
7 Construction of Hand Pums Solok, Garin Yabano and Lergo Hamida


8 Tumu Construction of maternity Clinic Sabon Garin Tijjani



9 Construction of Dispensary


10 Rehabilitation of Boreholes Kombani  Kasuwa Pri. Sch., Badawaire, Govt. Day Sch. at Tumu


11 Akko Construction of Skills Acquisition Centre Lawanti



12 Rehabilitation of Lodge Akko Village


13 Kalshingi


Construction of Hand Pump Boreholes


Pandaya Jabbi and Garin Wakili
14 Construction of Skill Acquisition Centre


15 Renovation of Primary School Block Nyabu



16 Garko Establishment of Primary


Wuro Bakari
17 Construction of Dispensary Yankari


18 Construction of Maternity Clinic


Shongo Hamma
19 Renovation of Primary Health  Centre


20 Tukulma Sinking of Boreholes Tukulma Yerima, Dakkiti, Yarda and Auwaru Jauiro Boyi


21 Digging of Concrete Wells Panda Village and Wudi Sarkin Kudu


22 Kumo North Fencing of Maternity Clinics


Lembi and Gamawa
23 Sinking of Hand Pumps Barambu, Zego, Jauro Seyo, Garin Babuga, Garin Garba and Jaja


24 Digging of Concrete Wells Wuro Yaya, Koroti, Tongo Sambo, Maidugu, Domdomti, Garin Baka, Denga and Lembi


25 Kumo Centre Construction of Drainage Anguwan Tsamiya A&B


26 Construction of three Culverts and Access road BCJ to Shabbal



27 Sinking of Boreholes Dakkiti, Garin Liman and Lergo


28 Drilling of Boreholes Jauro Tukur A&B, Lamba J. Musa, Wuro Hamma Zange and Jauro Bose


29 Extension of Electricity


Shabbal to Kombaniyel
30 Kumo East Completion of Primary Health Centre and Staff Quarters


Kumo East
31 Drilling of Hand Pump Boreholes Salifawa Panda, Didel, Kidda, Ardo Kadiri and Bangu


32 Kumo West Rehabilitation of Boreholes Jauro Musa, Tambe Kumo and Garin Alkali


33 Rehabilitation of Electricity Bappa Ibrahim



LGA S/N Ward Project Location
Balanga 1 Gelengu/Balanga Repairs/ Rehabilitation of boreholes 1, 2 & 3 and carryout reticulation work, and repair over head tank.




Drilling of new hand Pumps. Balanga Kondi, Bakasi, Kembu and Balamsane.


3 Repairs/servicing of Borehole


Unguwan Fulani Gelengu.


4 Swa/Wala/Gasi/ Refele Drilling of new borehole


Desheru, Swa, Wadachi, Gasi, Maidara, Bormi, Angili,     Refele and Bakwena.


5 Purchase of Drugs to maternities (DRF)


Swa, Wadachi, Refele and Gasi.
6 Bangu/DalaWaja Sinking of Power Solar Boreholes


Lafiya Kondi.
7 Drilling of Hand Pumps


Gadam, Shangi and Kondi Dalawaja.


8 Degri/Kulani/Sikkam Drilling of Boreholes (New)


Fare, Chesi, Kulani, Shangi, Berlem, Jene and Gaaru.


9 Repairs/ Rehabilitation of Boreholes Baginere and Bwalu.


10 Nyuwar/Jessu Drilling of New Boreholes


Sabon Layi, Korawa, Chunyi Gabakesheu, Janko and Tswaku.


11 Purchase of drugs to Maternities.


Jessu Maternities
12 Kindiyo Construction of market Stalls


Cham Main Market
13 Renovation of Gwenti Dispensary.


Gwenti Cham
14 Mona Construction of maternity Clinic. Kwarge Village



15 Drilling of Boreholes Tari and Bare.


16 Bambam Construction of Re-enforce concrete drain Bambam Tomn




Billiri 1 Bare Drilling of Hand Pumps Boreholes


Shiddo, Anguwan Jauro Hassan, Ladurawa I, Pokwanli Bare, Katau, Kalkulum I, Kalkulum II, Ladurawa II and Lapandi.



2 Conversion of Hand pumps Tudun Wada


3 Rehabilitation of Borehole


4 Conversion of Hand Pumps


5 Banganje North Drilling of Hand Pumps Boreholes


Sabon Layi,  Lawurkondo, Popandi  Makaranta, Lapanshede, Popandi, La’ankakka and Lakukdu II


6 Renovation and Construction of Staff Quarters.


Sabon Layi


7 Banganje South


Drilling of Hand Pumps Boreholes


Latur,  Banganjeting,  Layafi, Lawishi Warke, Lawishi Kwaya, Lawishi Kalkunji, Lalokjo, Shesher and Pokar Mai,


8 Extension of Electricity


Popandi Kwaya to Po’kulji


9 Billiri North Drilling of Hand Pumps Boreholes


Dongol, Lakwakka, Larekka, Fayi, Lakwallak, Dahanda and Lapinde


10 Construction of Modem Health Clinic




11 Billiri North Repairs of fallen Poles


Kekkel and Ladukkansha
12 Drilling of Hand Pumps Boreholes


Komta, Laushi Daji Lapandi, A/Hausawa, Laker Tangale, fagala, Pokalin, Kalindi, Lawalam, Anguwan Jauro Latumba and Kufayi Yelwa.


13 Kalmai Construction of Modern Health Centre


Powishi Shobble
14 Drilling of Hand Pumps Boreholes


Lakelembu, Pobawure Kaltungo, Powishi Amtadwang, Kalmai


15 Drilling of Hand Pumps Boreholes Lapandin Pe



16 Supply of Modern Furniture


Pobawure Pri. Sch. Amtawalam Pri. Sch. Lakelembu Pri. Sch.


17 Supply of Drugs Pabawure health Clinic.


18 Tal Construction of a Block of Two Classrooms Office and Store.


Comm. Sec. Sch. Ayaba


19 Drilling of Hand Pumps Boreholes Latugad, Pandi Kame, Lawampe, Amari, Lasuglo, layibo


20 Supply of Drugs Supply of Drugs


21 Tanglang Drilling of Hand pumps Boreholes Kulgul, Bassa/Ladukka, Poyali and Laklkal.


22 Construction of Earth Dam




23 Extension/Reticulation of water from Tanglang to Lawishi (Tanglang


Tanglang -Lawishi Tanglang


24 Todi Construction of Modern Health centre




25 Drilling of Hand Pumps Boreholes


Lakule, Layalong, Koburga, Lakollo and Yanshari.


26 Rehabilitation of Solar Powered Borehole


27 Tudu/Kwaya Drilling of hand Pumps Boreholes


Latede, Tudu II, Jilo, Lawish Pri. Sch, langa, Tudu 1


28 Construction of Modern Maternity Clinic


Koran Mota


29 Supply of Drugs


Health Centre Clinic Tudu.


Dukku 1 Waziri North


Reactivation or Earth Dam


Bade, Gode, Jarkum and Suka.


2 Construction of Culvert


3 Extension of Electricity


Anguwan Daurawa
4 Extension of Electricity


Anguwan Lafiya A. Yamma.


5 Gombe Abba


Township drainage


Gombe Abba


6 Maternity Type C


7 Wuro Tale Construction of Maternity Staff Quarters


Wuro Tale
8 Renovation of Maternity Staff Quarters


Wuro Tale
9 Hashidu Extension of Culvert


Hashidu Central Mosque
10 Kunde Electrification


Bawa and Zego
11 Lafiya Tale


Reactivation of Hand Pumps and Hang Dug Wells


Sirafir, Kobbaje, Jangira, Wuro Bogga, Jauro Umaru, Tale Jauro Uddo, Yolawa, Dirango, Gadum, Yayari and new ones at Konare and Adi.


12 Renovation of Maternity/ Dispensary


Tale, Lafiya
13 Jamart Construction of Maternity Kaloma


14 Reactivation of Earth Dam


Maru, Goni and Alh. Adamu Dallatu Village.


15 Reactivation of Solar Pump


16 Zaune Staff Quarters (Maternity)


17 Construction/Extension of Market


18 Malala


Construction of market stall Malala
19 Maternity Type C Burari


20 New Dispensary Ganawaji


21 Reactivation of Hand dug wells Bulakiri, Ganawaji, G?Bauchi, Gurel, Gadum Bawa, Birshe and Karewa.


22 Waziri South Reactivation of Earth Dam


Anguwan Bauchi, Dashi, Baluru, Yarra and Kombi.


23 Extension of Electricity


Bul-bul, Lafiya and kombi Dizoje


24 Electrification Malayel.


25 Zange Reactivation of Earth Dams. Kuni, Balaje, Zagala, Koblo, Jombo, Damba and Seyum.



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F/Kaye 1 Ashaka/Magaba Renovation of Pri. School. Bulagidam


2 Renovation of Maternity Magaba


3 Construction of Culvert


4 Extension of Electricity Manawashi-Mutuke, Mannari-Jamari, Wuro Yayaru-Na’l
5 Construction of Solar borehole with overhead Tank and reticulations


6 Construction of Solar borehole and Overhead tank with reticulation. Ashaka Gari.
7 Reactivation  of Solar borehole


8 Construction of hand pump


9 Bajoga West Filling of FGGC-Grave Yard Road Bajoga



10 Construction of Culvert


11 Drainage/Filling new Road Junction


12 Renovation of Zadawa Sec. Sch. Bajoga
13 Extension of Electricity Bajoga


14 Construction of Solar borehole with reticulation. Gasawa Bajoga II



15 Construction of overhead tank


Bajoga II
16 Construction of hand pump borehole


17 Bajoga East Construction of Drainage


18 Filling of Jajami Road Jajami


19 Construction of Culvert Garin Aba.


20 Reactivation of Solar borehole Unguwar Maigana, Bajoga



21. Reactivation of Solar borehole


22 Reactivation of motorize borehole


Unguwar Yobe.
23 Relocation of overhead tank General Hospital, Bajoga.


24 Rehabilitation of hand pumps


Fangami, Sultan Atahir, Kofar Bizo bajoga, Nayinawa, Unguwar Maigana and Mai Unguwa Bello
25 Construction of Hand Pump Boreholes


Railway Bajoga Bamalum Bajoga Jangade Tela and Maizara Bajoga.


26 Reactivation of Railway Motorized Borehole


Railway Bajoga.
27 Bage Renovation of Primary Schools J/Borkono, Gube, H/Kolori, Manawashi.


28 Renovation of Dispensary


29 Rehabilitation of Earth Dam Wuro Bapparu


30 Renovation of Maternity


31 Construction of Hand Pump Boreholes


GDSS Bage, Wuro Dole, Wuro Yayaru, Wuro Bapparu, Fufa Jamna, Gardawashi, Dindi Bage Maza Modu Buthiri, Feshingo J/Bose, Bumgum and Gongila.


32 Construction of Solar borehole with over head tank and reticulation.


33 Jillahi Construction of Drainage


34 Construction of Hand Pump Boreholes


Mutukeyel, Jamtari, Mangari Bodoriyel, Duga Sabo, Dubbel, Busum and lagabari.


35 Kupto Renovation of Dispensary Jangade


36 Renovation of Maternity