RENOVATION OF MDR-TB WARD AT FMC YOLA at Family Health International (FHI 360)


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Section A: Background

Family Health International (FHI 360) with funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is supporting the government of Nigeria (GON) to enhance sustained cross sectional integration of HIV/AIDS and TB services by building Nigerian capacity to deliver sustain-able high quality, comprehensive, prevention, treatment, care and related services in all the 36 states and the FCT.


FHI 360 desires to use part of the grant to improve infrastructure, equipment and supplies in FMC Yola supported by the SIDHAS project to provide a Multi-Drug TB Resistant (MDR-TB) Ward of international standards.


FHI 360 hereby solicits bids from Nigerian construction firms with competencies in infrastructure upgrades to undertake required renovation of this facility by performing functions outlined in the terms of reference below.

Section B: Terms of Reference

  1. Study and interpret BOQs and design prepared and presented by FHI 360 or its agent.
  2. Carry out renovation works as per the approved BOQs and contract
  3. Adhere to all agreed standards for required upgrades, including quality, workmanship, costs, size and manufacturer brands for the renovation activity.
  4. Provide technical oversight to sub contractors or workers and ensure that renovation works meet set standards
  5. Ensure steady progress of work and ensure that all works are completed within set timelines to a quality acceptable to FHI360 and FMC Yola Management.
  6. Ensure that the renovation processes adhere to approved environment impact mitigation measures as relates to the USAID agreement with FHI360.

Section C: Qualifications

Please read these sections carefully and be sure that all requested information is included with your submission. Evaluators will neither make assumptions nor draw inferences regarding missing or incomplete data. The result of missing or incomplete data could result in the elimination of your proposal from further consideration. Companies will be prequalified based on below submission


  1. Evidence of registration with Corporate Affairs Commission and other relevant bodies with copies of form CO7
  2. Detailed Company Profile with registered address, functional email, telephone numbers and point of contact for the organization.
  3. Current company’s audited statement of accounts
  4. Provide recommendation letter of similar work done from past Organization for successful completion of work.
  5. Evidence of Proven track record and a minimum of 7 years’ experience in the building indus­try
  6. Evidence of having implemented projects of equal or higher magnitude within the last 5 years. Documents should show experience in similar projects, particularly capacity to manage an MDR-TB renovation project
  7. Evidence of commitment to health, safety, and environment (HSE) policy and plan
  8. Construction/engineering firm must have valid and documented tax clearance for 2012, 2011,2010 and insurance policy
  9. Lead technical manager of the company should demonstrate knowledge and/or certification for infection control in similar settings to be able to procure a certification on the completed works/facility.
  10. The firm should have proof of currently employing qualified engineers in relevant fields such as civil, electrical and mechanical to perform the various aspects of the contract
  11. Must be willing and able to provide a bank guarantee to cover funds advanced by FHI 360 for the contract.
  12. Must be willing to accept retention of 5% of the contract value, on final completion of work until six months after the work is completed, if no defects arise in the renovation work conducted.


Section D: Key Deliverables and Expected Output

By the end of the assignment, the following outputs will be expected:

  • Pictorial documentation of the before and after of facility renovated
  • Facilities (ward complex) renovated to meet the basic minimum infrastructural standards agreed with FHI 360, FMC Yola, and state/local government.
  • Final report of the entire contract

Section E: Payment Terms

Payment for services rendered will be first through an advance commensurate with bank guar­antee provided; but not exceeding 25% of the contract sum and thereafter reimbursement in installments based on milestones completed and certified by the project manager acting on behalf of FHI 360.

Section F: Application Procedure

All prospective applicants must first obtain BOQ and design information from the address below


The Associate Director, Procurement,

Contracts and Grants, / FHI 360 Plot 1073 J. S.

Tarka Street, Garki, Area 3|

P.M.B. 44, Abuja.


Section H: Deadline for Submission

  • All bids including supporting documents, proof of required qualifications in Section C above and pictorial evidence of having visited the site, must be submitted in sealed envelopes on or before 5:00 pm Nigeria time, on August 14, 2013 to the Associate Director, Contracts and Grants, FHI 360 Plot 1073 J. S. Tarka Street, Garki, Area 3| P.M.B. 44. Abuja   Bids submit­ted after the deadline aforementioned will be disregarded.
  • No Facsimile (fax), e-mail documents or postmarked documents will be accepted.
  • FHI360 will not re-imburse the cost of site visit.

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