Execution of Projects at Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON)

Standards Organization of Nigeria

 The Standards Organization of Nigeria intends to apply part of the proceeds of its 2013 budget towards payments for Goods, Works, Non-Consultancy and Consultancy Services under the Zero Tolerance for Substandard Products in Nigeria.

 The Procurement schedule includes:


Procurement of Goods
SON/GPN/GDS/2013/01 Supply of desktop computers and accessories + Laptop Computers                        
SON/GPN/GDS/2013/02 Supply of office equipment and software for Statistics and Storage Devices   
SON/GPN/GDS/2013/03 Supply of various Laboratory Chemicals                                                                                    
SON/GPN/GDS/2013/04 Supply of various Office Furniture, File Cabinets, Office Equipments and Stationeries
SON/GPN/GDS/2013/05 Supply Of Operational Vehicles
SON/GPN/GDS/2013/06 Supply Of Electrical Appliances (Bulbs, Ceiling Fans, Extension Boxes, Table, Lamps, UPS)
SON/GPN/GDS/2013/07 Supply Of Printers, Photocopiers and their Accessories, Scanners, Multimedia And Their Projectors
SON/GPN/GDS/2013/08 Supply of Various Laboratory Equipments                                                                             
SON/GPN/GDS/2013/09 Supply of Water Dispensers                                                                                                          
SON/GPN/GDS/2013/10 Supply of Cleaning Items/Equipments, Toiletries                                                                
SON/GPN/GDS/2013/11 Supply of Various Load Cells Equipments                                                                               
SON/GPN/GDS/2013/12 Supply of Block Testing Machines                                                                                               
SON/GPN/GDS/2013/13 Supply of Air Conditioning And Installation
SON/GPN/GDS/2013/14 Supply Of Son Customized Items
Procurement of Works
SON/GPN/WKS/2013/01 Reconstruction and Repair of Fence at Enugu Engineering Lab
SON/GPN/WKS/2013/02 Repairs of Blown Off Roof at Enugu Engineering Lab
SON/GPN/WKS/2013/03 Completion of Osun State Building Project
SON/GPN/WKS/2013/04 Production and Installation of Various Signages
SON/GPN/WKS/2013/05 Renovation/Reconstruction Of The Old Chemistry Laboratory, Lekki
SON/GPN/WKS/2013/06 Renovation and Remodeling of the Electrical and Metrology Lab Oratory for Accreditation, Lekki
SON/GPN/WKS/2013/07 Renovation/Extension of Abuja Office Building and Surrounding;
SON/GPN/WKS/2013/08 Renovation/Extension of Paint Lab Oratory
Procurement of Consultancy Services
SON/GPN/COS/2013/01 Market Research On Substandard Products
SON/GPN/COS/2013/02 Various Designs Of Corporate Headquarters In Abuja (Architectural. Electrical, Mechanical and Structural)
SON/GPN/COS/2013/03 Interactive Sensitization Of Stakeholders On Review Of Son Act.
SON/GPN/COS/2013/04 Provision Of Insurance Cover For Son Assets And For Staff Welfare
SON/GPN/COS/2013/05 Capacity Building, Training On Products Standardization 4 Conformity Assessment                                                                                                                
SON/GPN/COS/2013/06 Consultancy For Legal Services
SON/GPN/COS/2013/07 Consultancy For Various Training Programmes
SON/GPN/COS/2013/08 Consultancy For Reproof/Re -Establishment Of SON Act
SON/GPN/COS/2013/09 Sectorial Stakeholders Workshop
SON/GPN/COS/2013/10 Consultancy On Awareness For Accreditation Committee
SON/GPN/COS/2013/11 Public Awareness On Your And Your Products & You Programme On Television Uno Radio Networks
SON/GPN/COS/2013/12 Public Awareness Campaign Programme On Standards & You On Various Television And Radio Networks
SON/GPN/COS/2013/13 Support Services For Capacity Building, Training In Products Standardization And Conformity Assessment
SON/GPN/COS/2013/14 Biannual Market Research On The Level Of Substandard Products In Nigeria;
SON/GPN/COS/2013/15 Provision And Installation Of Accounting Software
SON/GPN/COS/2013/16 Programme Training Consultancy/Programmes
SON/GPN/COS/2013/17 Review/Assessment Of Son Projects Nationwide
SON/GPN/COS/2013/18 SON Monitoring And Evaluation
Procurement Of Non Consultancy Services
SON/GPN/NCS/2013/01 Mechanical / Electrical Firms For Repair And Maintenance Of Vehicles
SON/GPN/NCS/2013/02 Mechanical / Electrical Firms For Repair And Maintenance Of Photocopiers, Printers And Air Conditioners
SON/GPN/NCS/2013/03 Mechanical/Electrical Firms for Repair and Maintenance of Computers


SON/GPN/NCS/2013/04 Mechanical Firms for Repair and Maintenance of Generators
SON/GPN/NCS/2013/05 Printing Services
SON/GPN/NCS/2013/06 Production and Rental of Bill Boards in 6 Geographical Zones of Nigeria
SON/GPN/NCS/2013/07 Advocacy On Substandard Products
SON/GPN/NCS/2013/08 Provision Of Courier Services
SON/GPN/NCS/2013/09 Provision Of Cleaning Services

 The projects will be executed under the Public Procurement Act 2007

The Specific procurement notices for the contracts to be tendered under the Public Procurement Act 2007 will be announced as they become available in the National newspapers, Federal Tenders Journal and other appropriate places.

 Interested eligible bidders who need additional information and want to be included in the mailing list for notification for advertisements may contact the undersigned between the hours of 09:00am-5:00pm strictly, please.

 Barnabas Jatau

HOD (Procurement)






 NIS…….. Improving life through Standards.

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