2013 Invitation for Pre-qualification for Tender at The Federal High Court of Nigeria

The Federal High Court of Nigeria


2013 Invitation for Pre-qualification for Tender



The Federal High Court of Nigeria wishes to Pre-qualify competent contractors and other service providers who wish to tender for jobs in the various areas specified below and accordingly invites interested parties who are competent, experienced and reputable to apply.

These services are required in our offices, Courts and official residences all over the Country’s (36) Judicial divisions, including Abuja. Below are areas to apply for pre-qualification.


(A)The Areas Of Services Required



Supply of Motor Vehicles:

Lot 1:   Supply of Motor Vehicles of different Make and models.




Supply of Office and Residential Furniture:

Lot 1:          Supply of Office and Residential Furniture.




Supply of Office and Residential Equipment:

Lot1: Supply of office and Residential Equipment such as Shredding Machines, Security safes (Fire Proof), Adding Machines, Refrigerators, Standing Fans, Ceiling Fans. Steel Filling Cabinets, Photocopying Machines, Electric Kettle, Gas/ Electric Cookers, Deep Freezers, Micro Waves, Air Conditioners (Window/Split Units) etc.




Computer, Information and Communication Equipment:

Lot 1:          Supply of complete sets of Computers and Laptops.




Medical Equipment:

Lot 1:          Supply of medical Equipment

Lot 2:          Supply of Drugs, Reagents, and other    related consumables.




Fire Fighting Equipment:

Lot 1:   Supply of Fire Fighting Equipment




Library Books, Periodicals and Equipment:

Lot 1:          Supply of Law Books, Law Reports and other Periodicals.

Lot 2:          Supply of Library Equipment.




Supply of Sporting Equipment:

Lot 1:          Supply of Sporting equipment such as Boots, Jerseys, Shorts, Stockings, Shin Guards, Hose, Keepers Gloves, Table Tennis, Bats and Balls, Foot Balls, Canvases, Track Suites etc.



Power Generating Plant:

Lot 1:          Supply of various capacities of Generators




Printing of Judicial Forms and Other Documents:

Lot 1:          Printing of Judicial Forms i.e. Bail Forms, Reman Warrants, Attachment Forms, Justification of Surety Forms, Order to Stay Proceeding Forms, Criminal Summons Forms, Civil Summons Forms, Transfer of Case Forms, etc.


Lot 2:          Printing of treasury Forms i.e. Confirmation of Cheques (payment Advice), Capital Expenditure payment Voucher, Paying in forms, Bank Schedule Forms, Payroll Summary Voucher (Junior officer) bank Certificates etc.


Lot 3:          Printing of other Documents i.e. Complimentary Cards, memo Pads, Letter Headed Papers, Open File Jackets, Confidential File Jackets, Case File Jackets, Clinic Forms/Dispensing Bags.




Contract and Services:




Uniform Other Clothing:

Lot 1:          Supply of Uniforms for Medical Personnel, Drivers, Porters, Craftsmen, etc.




Supply of Security Equipment




Renovation of Court Buildings and Judges Quarters




Erosion Control





Lot 1:          Consultancy of Professional Fields such as Staff Training, Construction Industry, Case Law Management, etc.



B1.    Pre-Qualification Requirements:

Prospective contractors shall be required to possess the following qualification documents.

(a)  Valid Certificate of registration/ incorporation

(b) Current Tax Clearance Certificate for the last (3) years, valid up to December 31st 2012.

(c)  Value Added Tax Registration Certificate.

(d) Company’s resume including details of key staff strength to be deployed for execution of the contract.

(e)  Name and Address of Bankers(s) including a letter of reference/guarantee from the Bank.

(f)   Evidence of involvement and experience in similar contracts stating contract sums and showing evidence of award and timely completion

(g)  Evidence of opening of Retirement Savings Account (RSA) for staff or employees with Pension Fund Administrator (PFA).



B2.    Submission of Pre-Qualification Documents:

Pre-qualification document should be enclosed in sealed envelope marked at the top centre “The Group Code” and at the bottom left “Prequalification 2013” to Tenders Board Secretariat, Federal High Court Abuja, not later than 2.00 pm on 11th February, 2013 to:


The Secretary,

Departmental Tenders Board

Federal High Court Head Quarters

(2nd Floor), Shehu Shagari Way,

Central Business District,

Federal Capital Territory,




Opening of the bid will take place at Justice Ukeje Hall, Federal High Court Headquarters, Abuja on 14th February, 2013 by 10.00 a.m.



Please note.

(a)     Late submission will be rejected

(b)               This advertisement for Pre-Qualification to tender shall not be construed to be a commitment on the part of the Federal High Court of Nigeria nor shall it entitle the submitting tender to make any claims whatever and seek any indemnity from Federal High Court by virtue of such tenderer having responded to this advert.

(c)      Pre-qualification bid should be very dear about the bidder’s area and proven competence and interest.

(d)     Proposal for different procurement/category should be submitted in different envelopes.

(e)      Subsequent to this pre-qualification exercise, tender for contracts and jobs will be accepted only from pre-qualified contractors, and the Federal High Court of Nigeria shall not enter into any correspondence with unsuccessful applicants.

(f)      Only regular stockers of goods are advised to apply as minimum period would be allowed between the date of award and final delivery.



Secretary Departmental Tenders Board,

Federal High Court


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