Construction of Phase-1 of the Enugu Monorail Transit System at Transglobim Nigeria Limited & Globim Corporation, Canada


Transglobim Nigeria Limited & Globim Corporation, Canada, Invites Local and Foreign Contractor Firms to Prequalify to Bid for the Construction of Phase-1 of the Enugu Monorail Transit System 20 Nza St., Independence Layout, Eungu, Engu State, Nigeria


TransGlobim Nigeria Limited, a subsidiary of Globim Corporation, Canada having secured the concession in a Pubic Private Partnership (PPP) with Enugu State Government to build the six (6)-Phase Coal City Monorail (CCM) transit system in Enugu, hereby, invites capable firms to express interest in bidding to build Phase-I in accordance with internationally acceptable civil construction and, electrical and mechanical works standards. Phase-I of the Enugu monorail will be approximately 22 km in length of equivalent single monorail line. Power sub-stations along the route will electrically power the monorail trains. The activities for which Globim seeks primary- and sub-contractors include but are not limited to the following:

i.        Elevated monorail guide-ways (tracks) comprising of approximately 750 beams (0.8m x 1.5m) up to 30 m long on approximately 430 concrete columns with steel and/or concrete top transverse beams including the spurs to the maintenance depot and yard tracks. The elevated monorail guideway routes will include curvature as low as 30 meters, grades up to 10% and several track switches. The guide-way beams will be pre-stressed and/or post tensioned as required. (Processing fee: N600,000).


ii.       Up to eighteen (18) elevated intermediate stations each equipped with      ticketing gateways, crossover, escalators, elevators, washrooms and   passenger platforms. (Processing fee: N500.000).

iii.      A two level building of approximately 1,750 sq. m/floor containing offices and the monorail maintenance depot (Processing fee: N150,000).

iv.      Single level Security, Dispatch, Communications and Control building of approximately 750 sq. m. (Processing fee: N60,000).

v.       A two level infirmary of approximately 1,200 sq. m/floor, to be built to hospital standards with patient rooms and equipped with negative pressure HVAC system and elevators. (Processing fee: N100,000).

vi.      A five level secondary school of approximately 2,600 sq. m./floor with three wings, two elevators and full HVAC systems. (Processing fee: N200,000).

vii      All electrical works for the line, stations and structures listed in items (i) to (vi) above. (Processing fee: N 150,000)

viii.    All mechanical works for the line, stations and structures listed in items (i) to (vi) above. (Processing fee: N150,000).

ix.      Information Technology (IT): Long Term Service contract that would include but not limited to: ongoing data management and software development for ticketing, gateway operations, security monitoring including computer hardware deployment, e-education, e-health and link with overseas offices (Processing fee: N750,000).

x.       Train Communication and control using VSAT system (Processing fee: N500,000).

xi.      Initial power generation station(s) of 10-megawatts (minimum) with capability to ramp up to 50 megawatts. (Processing fee: N500,000).

xii.     Long term garbage, sewage and medical waste disposal contract. (Processing fee: N100,000).

xiii.    Quality and Control Project management during the expected 2-½ year construction of all structures and services that comprise the entire CCM monorail Phase-I, (Processing fee: N100,000).

xiv.    Procurement of executive cars, SUVs, Pickup trucks, line maintenance vehicles with boom buckets, transit buses, office equipment including intra-office phone systems, computers, shop equipment, engineering safety equipment, general supplies and services as may be required. (Processing fee: N50,000).

xv.    Ticketing equipment for the stations. Approximately 36 locations with 4 to 6 gateways/location (Processing fee: N50,000).


Please note that the processing fees are non-refundable and reflect the item size and the amount of the documentation that would be provided with the bid documents. Payment of the Processing fees can be made at:

Eco Bank Nigeria PLC

Account Number: 0061407007

Sort Code: 056250095


Proof of payment of the fee in the form of a bank teller/receipt for each item that any contractor is requesting to be pre-qualified for, must included with the application.

Contractors can bid for as many items as they want. Bidding contractor(s) may consist of a single firm or a consortium of firms as required to successful complete the projects. In the case of a consortium of the members must jointly submit the required information indicated below. Consortium(s) can bid for all or part of the advertised works. must also identify one of the firms comprising the consortium as the lead contractor.

Interested Firms/Contractors should submit a Letter of Interest (LOI) detailing the following information as a basis for the pre-qualification:

1.       Profile of firm/consortium including ownership structure and role of each corporate entity with full contact details including email of lead firm.

2.       Profile of management team (State respective titles, their education, length of professional experience, experience with similar assignments).

3.       Evidence of Civic and Statutory compliance including copies of the registration certificates of Firm/Consortium in Nigeria and/or overseas.

4.       Technical Capacity including list of past projects (especially within the past 10 years) with references and relevant experience in bridge/overpass construction.

5.       Copies of unabridged financial report for the last 3 years.

6.       Proof of payment of Application fee(s).

7.       Proof of eligibility to perform work in Nigeria.


Not completing any of these requirements and/or providing proof of Application fee payment will constitute grounds for disqualification. Two (2) copies of completed response dearly indicating on a company letterhead, which items the contractor is bidding for, must be signed, sealed and delivered with evidence of payment of the non-refundable Application fee in an envelope marked confidential to:


TransGlobim Nigeria Ltd.

20 Nza Street. Independence Layout.

Enugu. Enugu State. Nigeria


Office of the Commissioner for Works,

Ministry of Works,

Enugu. Enugu State, Nigeria


All submissions must be made on or before 27th April 2012 by 5.00 pm.

Contractor(s) who are successfully pre-qualified will be advised by May 4th of the availability of bid documents for pickup and preparation. Bid packages will be individually provided based on the items that the contractor(s) has been prequalified for.

For further inquiries, please contact:


Muhammad Amleh, M.Eng.

Director General,

Enugu Monorail Project

+1 905 454 6639


Emmanuel Onukwulu

Office Manager,

TransGlobim Nigeria Limited

20 Nza Street, Independence Layout

Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria

+234 702 939 6084 (office)

+234 813 121 1284

+234 819 156 9104


Engineer Godwin O. Madueke

Hon. Commissioner for Works,

Enugu State Government

+234 803 698 2518


Mr. John Egbo

Hon. Commissioner for Environment

Enugu State Government

+234 806 046 9526



TransGlobim Nigeria Ltd.

Emmanuel Onukwulu

Office Manager.



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  1. vincent ugwu says:

    1. Is it possible for us to know the comencement and expected complition of the first phase of the monorail.

    2, the actual cost of the project

    3. the investors reassurance

    4. the time frme for the investors to come in

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