Invitation to Tender at Adamawa State University, Mubi

Adamawa State University, Mubi

(Office of the Registrar)


Invitation to Tender


The Adamawa State University Mubi proposes to utilize the merged 2009-2012 normal TETFUND allocations to execute a number of capital projects as shown here under:


Lot No Description




1 Construction of Entrepreneurship Centre




2 Construction of 7nos office blocks, Dean’s office block and external works for Faculty of Science.




3 Construction of department office 2nos and external works for Faculty of Arts, Social and Management Sciences




4 Construction of 5nos Lecture Halls A and B and classrooms for Faculty of Sciences




5 Construction of office block extension and classroom block for Fisheries Department




6 Rehabilitation of classroom block A,B,C and D, Lecture Halls 1 and 2 Multipurpose Hall and external works for MPH and blocks A and B




7 Furnishing of entrepreneurship centre, Department office blocks for Science, Fisheries, furnishing of lecture Halls, classrooms for Sciences, Faculty of Arts, Social and Management Sciences, Multipurpose Hall and rehabilitated classrooms. Furnishing of information and Communication Technology Centre (ICT)




8 Procurement of tools, equipment for Entrepreneurship Centre




9 Procurement of 7nos HP 600M micro tower, 3.OGHZ. 4GB RAM, 500GB hard disk,  18.5 inch LCD monitor, USB keyboard and mouse, windows 8 + 650VA UPS





2.       In this regard, interested, competent and reputable contractors are hereby invited to submit technical and financial bids in respect of the projects in accordance with the public procurement act 2007 as per procedure outlined below.


3.       Prequalification and Tender Requirements


1.       Evidence of registration as a company in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

2.       Submission of 3-years (2010, 2011, and 2012) audited accounts prepared by reputable Accounting Firm.

3.       Submission of 3-years tax clearance certificate issued by FIRS.

4.       Evidence of compliance with the Pensions Fund Act 2004 for registration and remittances.

5.       Evidence of contribution to the ITF in accordance with the amended ITF Act 2011.

6.       Evidence of registration with VAT and remittance of contribution.

7.       Sworn affidavit that no member of Staff of A DSU is a former or current Director or shareholder in the company submitting the bid.

8.       A sworn affidavit that none of the Directors of the company was convicted of a criminal offence or was ever declared bankrupt.



Items (I) – (VII) are basic requirements for which failure to supply any will result in automatic disqualification of the bidder.


Other Requirements

9.       Company profile indicating key Personnel and qualifications of Professional Staff.

10.     Evidence of available equipment.

11.     Verifiable evidence of execution of similar projects in the past 5 years.

12.     Evidence of financial capability and possible bank support

13.     Registration as contractor with ADSU.


4.       Bidding Procedure

Interested bidders may obtain prequalification forms for completion from the office of the DPPD on the payment of N5000.00 in ADSU Bursary, Similarly, tender documents may be obtained from the DPPD’s office on the payment of N10, 000.00 per lot in the University Bursary and presentation of official receipt for same.


5.       Submission of Technical and Financial Bids


Technical and financial bids in the prescribed format are to be submitted in separate sealed envelopes marked at the top left hand corner – technical/financial bid in respect of the lot chosen with the bidders name clearly stated. The sealed bidding documents are to be addressed to the Registrar, ADSU, P.M.B 25, Mubi and deposited in appropriate boxes in the office of the Registrar not later than 10.00am on 6th September 2013.


6.       Opening of Bids


1.       Technical bids are to be opened publicly immediately after close of bidding on 6th September 2013.


2.       Bidders, their representatives, relevant NGOs and the general public are invited to witness the opening of prequalification bids, however only prequalified bidders and relevant NGOs may witness the financial bids opening at 12.00 noon on 9th September 2013.


7.       Additional Information


1.       Receipt of bidding documents should not be construed to mean contractual commitment enabling failed bidders to seek indemnity.

2.       Late submission howsoever arising shall be rejected.

3.       Bids valued at N100 million and above are to be submitted with bid security bond worth 2% of the bid value.



MRS J. M. Garnvwa, FCBA, FCIA


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