Notice of Invitation for the Expression of Interest (Pre-Qualification) for Respective Operational Work Areas at Galaxy Backbone Limited

Galaxy Backbone Limited


Notice of Invitation for the Expression of Interest (Pre-Qualification) for Respective Operational Work Areas


A.      Introduction:

Galaxy Backbone Limited (hereinafter referred to as The Company) is desirous to undertake a pre-qualification for the provision of a range of services under the 2013 budget. Consequently, and in compliance with the relevant provisions of PPA 2007. The Company hereby wishes to invite competent and reputable contractors to indicate interest to pre-qualify to undertake respective services within the work areas highlighted below.


B.      Schedule of Work Areas.


S/N Work Area
1 A/c supply, repairs & maintenance services


2 Advert agency / media relation services


3 Bandwidth supply & maintenance services


4 Building/ sundry maintenance services


5 Supply, Installation, implementation of ERP system


6 Cleaning and fumigation services


7 Consultancy services for facilitation of corporate strategy retreat


8 Consultancy services for design and Implementation of ICT technical solution


9 Consultancy service for provision of ICT capacity building to customers/stakeholder


10 Consultancy service for provision of specialist management capacity building


11 Consultancy service for provision of specialist capacity building to technical operations staff


12 Consultancy for provision of assessment testing and related recruitment services


13 Courier and parcel handling/delivery services


14 Diesel supply services


15 Electrical repairs & maintenance services


16 Electrical equipment supplies, repairs & mtce


17 Fire alarm & extinguisher supply, repair & mtce


18 Generator supply, repair & maintenance services


19 ICT equipment & accessories (supply & mtce)


20 ICT software deployment & related services (supply & mtce)
21 Insurance brokerage services


22 Network equipment installation, repair & mtce


23 Network site support & management services


24 Office equipment & accessories (supply & mtce)


25 Office furniture & accessories (supply & mtce)


26 Office stationeries & consumables


27 Printing & publishing services


28 Restaurant, catering & pastries services


29 Security management services


30 ITIL training


31 Travel Management services


32 Vehicle supply, repairs & maintenance


33 Event management/ hall rental services


34 Consulting/advisory services on regulatory, legal and associated matters


35 Financial consulting and related advisory services


36 Real estate agency & management services


37 Health insurance and management services


38 Transport, haulage and logistic services


39 Import handing and clearing services



A.      Eligibility Requirement:

Interested and competent contractors wishing to carry out services within the highlighted work areas must submit the following documents with the expression of interest:

1.       Certified true copy of certificate of incorporation.

2.       Certified true copy of MEMART (Memorandum & Article of Association).

3.       Tax Clearance Certificate for the last three years covering 2010, 2011 and 2012.

4.       Certificate of Compliance issued by the National Pension Commission as evidence of fulfilling the employer’s obligation to employees with respect to deduction and remittance of pensions.

5.       Evidence of payment of training contributions to Industrial Training Fund (ITF).

6.       Evidence of Registration with Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria (FRC). (Applicable to Financial Services only).

7.       Certified true copy of particulars of directors.

8.       Certified true copy of 3 years Company Annual Returns submitted to Corporate Affairs Commission

9.       Evidence of Value Added Tax (VAT) registration and remittance of VAT, With-holding tax (WHT) and Pay As You Earn (PAYE).

10.     3 years (unabridged) Company Audited Annual Report for 2009, 2010 & 2011 and duly stamped by a registered Auditor (Note that account statements will be compared with submitted tax clearance certificates).

11.     Comprehensive company profile indicating history, organisational structure, area of specialization key competencies and resources.

12.     Full detail of management team with CV of key personnel and professional staff propose to be deployed for relevant project as appropriate, (please indicate where available, evidence of membership of professional bodies)

13.     Letter of reference from the company’s bankers as to its financial capacity to undertake the service bidding for.

14.     A statement written on the bidders letter headed paper and signed by an authorized officer of the bidding company providing the following bank account details of the bidder’s company account name, account number, bank name, branch address, sort code and Tax identification number

15.     A sworn declaration that the firm and/or consortium nor any of its management staff has any relationship with the Company and its own management staff. In the event that such relationship exists, it should be clearly indicated in the affidavit.


16.     Evidence of corporate membership of relevant professional body (ies)

17.     A statement indicating that the vendor does not at the time of this submission have any existing loan or financial liability with a bank, other financial institution or third party that is classified doubtful, and or whose repayment portion has been outstanding for the last three months.

18.     Summary list (with short description) supported with verifiable documentary evidence of similar and other jobs successfully executed within the last three years. Such evidence shall be in the form of valid and verifiable letters of contract award, contract agreement and completion certificate.

19.     Company registered address, functional contact email address, GSM phone number(s) and facsimile number(s). (Note that all address details provided will be validated)

20.     Evidence of manufacturing facility in Nigeria, where applicable (facility may be inspected)

21.     List of equipment to be deployed for the project and evidence of ownership or lease.

22.     Health, Safety and Environment Policy (where applicable).

23.     Quality Assurance Policy, where applicable (Evidence of ISO Certifications will be an added advantage)


B.      Submission:

Application for Expression of Interest accompanied by the above listed documents should be forwarded in appropriately sealed envelope boldly marked at the top left corner;


Expression Of Interest/Pre-Qualification For xxxxxxxx Work ARFA (please specify work area)

addressed to:


The Secretary,

Tenders Board

Galaxy Backbone Limited

No 61, Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent

Wuse 2, Abuja, FCT.


C.      Closing Date:

All submissions must be received at the above office not later than 26th March 2013, with a deadline specifically set at 12:00 noon. Any document submitted after the deadline shall be rejected.


D.      Important Notice:

1.       This is not an invitation to tender. Pre-qualification does not commit. The Company to award contracts to any successfully pre-qualified company (ies). Full tendering procedures will be open only to contractors pre-qualified and found capable of executing specific projects within the work areas.


2.       Only successful contractors will be contacted for the tender process.


3.       Galaxy reserves the right to verify the authenticity of any claims made on the documents submitted by companies.


4.       Failure to comply with the instruction and provide any required document(s) may automatically result in disqualification.


5.       Submission of false documents is an offence and will lead to disqualification and prosecution.


E.      Enquiries:

For all enquiries, please email:




Tender Board

Galaxy Backbone Limited

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