Request for Proposal for Industrial Park Development Consultants (IPDC) at Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB)

Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB)


Request for Proposal for Industrial Park Development Consultants (IPDC)



The Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB) pursuant to its mandate of local capacity development for the Oil and Gas industry is promoting the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industrial Park Scheme (NOGIPS).


The objectives of the scheme are to;

  1. Establish industrial parks close to the ml field clusters to stimulate In-Country manufacturing by Original Equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or their local partners.
  2. Attract domestic and foreign direct investment at the community level that support the Oil and Gas Industry.
  3. Promote community participation m manufacturing and other industry activities.
  4. Reduce per capita cost of doing through shared services
  5. Develop and integrate the local supply chain to support oil and gas operations.
  6. Foster mentoring of local SMEs by international OEMs for annual benefits.
  7. Facilitate   new   business   start-ups,   technology   acquisition   and competitiveness.
  8. Provide a range of made in Nigeria goods for the oil and gas industry.


Each Park complex shall consist of the following businesses at the minimum:

  1. Manufacturing of equipment components and equipment spare parts for the Oil and Gas industry (e.g Flanges, brackets, switchgear, panels, skids, bolts & nuts etc)
  2. Assembly of equipment for the oil and gas industry eg valves
  3. Production/Processing of chemicals such as drilling fluid
  4. Non – Oil and Gas manufacturing units such as Personal Protective Equipment
  5. Maintenance and repairs
  6. Utility services –power plant, water supply, waste management telecommunications, gas station, fire station
  7. Parking lots
  8. Warehousing and distribution
  9. Security services
  10. Financial services
  11. Training and Research & Development
  12. Medical Services
  13. Catering Services
  14. Office accommodation


Statement of Purpose

The Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB) hereby invites interested Industrial Park Development Consultants (IPDC) to submit a proposal to provide consultancy services for implementation of the NOGIPS.

The Purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is therefore to select a suitable consultant through a National Competitive Bidding exercise for the implementation of the NOGIPs.


Scope of Work

A detailed blueprint has been developed for implementation of the industrial park scheme. in line with the blueprint, the scope of the scheme shall cover oil producing communities in strategic locations and the main economic activity in the park shall be manufacturing of equipment components and spare parts for the oil and gas industry

Prospective tenants in the parks shall be mainly Joint Ventures formed between local Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) or multinationals; and other support services providers.

Scope of work to be provided by the IPDC

  1. Carry out high level validation of the NOGIPS blueprint
  2. Carry out assessment of identified locations for quality (based on selection criteria), availability
  3. Design financing model for development of each location through the Nigerian Content Development Fund (NCDF) or any alternative funding model
  4. Develop a land use model for each location
  5. Organize small and Medium Enterprise (SME) fair and facilitate Joint venture formation between the local SMEs and international manufacturers
  6. Facilitate study tour to world class oil and gas industrial parks, for knowledge exchange and benchmarking
  7. Design  appropriate  park  operating  model   including,  governance framework, incentives to attract SMEs to participate in each location
  8. Develop communication and marketing strategy for each location
  9. Develop community relations management strategy for each location
  10. Develop infrastructure development strategy for each location
  11. Develop a detailed implementation plan for each location
  12. Provide project coordination for each location


Nigerian Content Requirements

Interested IPDC’s must demonstrate through their proposal that they have the technical competence to provide the required services. Consultants must also show compliance with statutory requirements for engagement of consultants.


The proposal shall include:

  1. Detailed methodology for the execution of the terms of reference stated above, execution timelines and deliverables for each item in the scope of work
  2. Company profile and organizational structure, including names, resumes and phone numbers of key personnel.
  3. Experience/Technical qualification of key personnel that will be directly involved in the project
  4. Verifiable list of previous relevant experience with evidence of awards and completion.
  5. Evidence of incorporation of the company in Nigeria
  6. Company tax clearance certificate for the last three years
  7. Audited annual report of the company for the last three years
  8. Evidence of successful completion of community development projects especially projects located in oil and gas communities
  9. Evidence of financial capability (bank statement) for the past six months
  10. Demonstration of willingness to comply with Section 35 of Nigerian Content Act relating to employment and training for local communities
  11. Submissions must be made in English language only
  12. The details of consultancy fee shall be submitted as a separate proposal. The validity period for the consultancy fee shall be Three (3) months from the date of final submission of proposal (17th October 2013).



All proposals (both technical and financial) are to be submitted in two separate sealed envelopes and clearly marked “NOGIPS TECHNICAL PROPOSAL” and NOGIPS FINANCIAL PROPOSAL”.


All applicants are required to register with NJQS at (

All enquires on this advert should be sent to


All proposals should reach Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB) on or before 12 noon of 17th October, 2013 and addressed to:


Executive Secretary

Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board

4 Lambert Eradiri Road,

Revenue House

Onopa Yenagoa, Bayelsa State


Bidders are also required to submit electronic copies of their proposal along with the hard copies


Technical proposals shall be opened on 17th October, 2013 @ 3.00pm in the Conference Room of the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board Yenagoa Bayelsa State.


Executive Secretary, NCDMB



Building a new Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry and using Nigerian Content Development as an Instrument for the Industrialisation of Nigeria

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