Request for Expression of Interest at Federal Ministry of Power in association with Federal Ministry of Mines and Steel Development

Federal Republic of Nigeria

Federal Ministry of Power in association with Federal Ministry of Mines and Steel Development

Re-Advertisement for Selection of Contractors for Topographic Survey and Mapping, Geological Mapping, Geophysical and Subsurface Investigations

Request for Expression of Interest




The Federal Ministry of Power, in association with the Ministry of Mines & Steel Development had,  in separate publications in the Economist Magazine of 14th May, 2011 the Guardian and Business Day Newspapers and Federal Tenders Journal respectively of 16th May, 2011 advertised for Expression of Interest by reputable firms for selection of contractors for topographic survey and mapping, geological

mapping, geophysical and subsurface investigations along the Enugu Axis (Lot I) and Gombe, Benue and Kogi Axis (Lot II).This is to further the on-going studies towards the development of Coal Mines and Coal Fired Plants. However, due to certain exigencies, the procurement exercise was not concluded. In view of the Federal Government of Nigeria’s intention to promote an accelerated utilisation of coal for power generation along the axes above, eligible companies are once again invited to submit Expression

of Interest (EOI) for providing technical specialist services under the supervision of prime consultants appointed by the Federal Government of Nigeria.


It is expected that companies that had earlier submitted EOI documents would be part of the pool to be evaluated. They are however free to submit any additional information they may deem necessary.


Regional geological setting and earlier coal workings in the areas suggest presence of clastic sediments with a number of coal seams. However, precise characteristic of the deposit and coal seams may be established only after thorough investigation through field mapping and execution of prospecting methods to understand the sub-surface characteristics of the rocks.


1 .        The prospective contractors shall evaluate and update geological resources for the development of mineable reserves. The geological resources developed for the identified Coal Blocks will be assessed and updated by the prime Consultant according to JORC standards and requirements uporwthe completion of the necessary Field work and investigation now being advertised. The Contractor’s scope of work is categorized under the following Tasks:

Task A: Topographic survey and mapping

Task B : Geological mapping

Task C: Geophysical investigations

Task D: Subsurface/technical investigation


2.         Prospective contractors may submit expression of interest in one or more of the Tasks that fits their areas of core expertise.


Task A: Typography Survey and Mapping .

  • Contractor(s) shall carry out topographical mapping using a combination of both remote sensing and field work resulting in detailed topographical plans including all surface features.
  • Topographical mapping would be on a scale of 1:10,000/25,000.


Task B: Geological Mapping

  • Contractor(s) are to carry out geological mapping using combination of both remote sensing and field work based on demarcation of lithological boundaries and geological structures.
  • Contractor(s) shall carry out geological mapping in the area and provide geological plan including all surface geological feature, extent of deposit, location of old pits, trenches, borehole and where available, section of old mine workings.
  • Geological survey mapping  should be on a scale of 1:10,000/25,000.


Task C: Geophysical Investigation

Contractor(s) shall carry out geophysical prospecting to estimate the depth and continuity of deposits for the determination of optimal borehole locations. Considering the deceptive nature of geological trend which may be present in a structurally deformed terrain, appropriate standard methods for geophysical prospecting should be adopted.


Magnetic Survey

Magnetic survey shall be carried out at 25 meter station and 100 meter line intervals with an instrument sensitivity of InT.


Gravity Survey

Gravity survey shall be carried out at 50 meters station interval and 100 meter line interval with an instrument sensitivity of 0.001 mGal. One reference station shall be at a location where absolute gravity measurements have been made. Instrument drift shall be monitored from a base station to be established by the contractor.


At each site

  • Measure the latitude and elevation of the station (Using dual frequency DGPS, Elevation accuracy within +5 cm.)
  • Gravity measurement instrument must be levelled  at each station
  • Record the time at which the measurement is made.


  • Observe the surrounding topography – significant topography means that a terrain correction may be needed.



Task D: Subsurface/Technical Investigation


Task Dl: Pitting and Trenching,

Where required contractors shall carry out pitting and trenching at selective locations along and across the deposits. The number of pits and trenches and size would be decided by the prime Consultant after a study of the results of the geological and geophysical mapping. Contractors shall be required to possess the relevant and suitable equipment to carry out the task.


Task D2:  Drilling

  • Contractors shall carry out both diamond core and down the hole (DTH) within the proposed areas. The borehole location plan and number of boreholes for core and DTH drilling will be decided jointly with the prime Consultant after a study of the results of geological and geophysical mapping. Further details on the scope of the core drilling are listed hereunder:
  • Contractor(s) shall provide adequate numbers of Diamond Core drilling rigs with the necessary accessories and manpower and other ancillary equipment for Exploratory core drilling with HQ and NQ size as required; ‘
  • The boreholes may be either vertical or angular;
  • Borehole depth is from Om to 300 meters but may reach up to 750 meters;
  • Core recovery rate in all the formation should be at least 90% for coal and 95% other lithologies;
  • The prime Consultant shall provide the proposed borehole location plan of all the areas to be covered under exploration and Contractors) shall fix the proposed borehole location on the site including access to sites and drill platforms. Contractor(s) shall also determine the Reduce Level and coordinates of all the bore holes.
  • The core trays with appropriate lids, end-of-run markers and sample bags shall also be supplied by the Contractor(s)
  • All work shall be carried out in compliance with Nigerian environmental regulations.


Task D3: Borehole Geophysics

Contractor(s) shall be required to possess relevant international experience for the conduct of the necessary geophysical logs within the boreholes. Geophysical wireline logs will include calliper, gamma, density, resistivity and sonic parameters.


Task D4: Physio Chemical Analysis

Contractor(s) shall carry out the necessary analyses prescribed by the prime Consultant on the samples obtained from drilling and trenching/pitting. The tests will include typical coal analyses such as proximate analysis, calorific value, specific gravity, calorific values, coal petrography (maceral and reflectance), ash chemistry, ash fusion temperatures, hard grove, trace elements, float-sink tests, water tests and coal seam gas analyses. The contractor’s laboratory is expected to be internationally accredited complying with the relevant International standards.


Task D5: Geotechnical Tests

The Contractor(s) shall carry out the necessary analyses prescribed by the Consultant on the samples obtained from drilling and trenching/pitting. The typical tests will include all the relevant geotechnical tests related to the rock and soil mechanics.



Interested companies are required to submit the following information:

  • Company profile with a copy of Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association and Corporate Affairs Commission Forms CAC-2 and CAC-7, where registered in Nigeria and Memorandum of Association for Joint Ventures (JV) Company’s registration with relevant professional bodies.
  • Curriculum Vitae of key staff who will be assigned for the conduct of the required services including qualification, individual experience in handling assignments and attestation if available.
  • Capacity profile of the Company and specification of technical equipment owned. Evidence of experience in at least five (5) jobs of similar nature and complexity executed within the last five (5) years with verifiable letter of contract award and certificates of job completion and details of on-going services on similar projects.
  • Submission of tax clearance for 2008, 2009, & 2010 for Nigerian firms.
  • Submission of evidence of Open Retirement Savings Account (RSA) with a Pension Fund Administrator (PFA) of choice for Nigerian company and JV.
  • Submission of Audited Account for 2008, 2009, & 2010 with a minimum Annual Turnover of N 100 million or its equivalent in any international currency in each of the last three years.


Submission of Remittance of both Employer & Employee Pension Contribution to the appropriate Pension Fund Custodian for Nigerian firms & JV.


Contractor(s) will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the Nigerian Public Procurement Act 2007. Clarification and further information may be sought in writing from Power Department on +234 9 4801994 or e-mail to


Submission of Expressions of Interest (EOIs)

EOIs must be submitted in six printed copied and 1 CD-ROM copy in sealed envelope clearly marked “Expression of Interest for Technical Investigation on Coal to Power”.


EOIs should be addressed and delivered not later than 12.00pm Nigerian time on 16th April, 20 12 at the address shown below:


The Secretary

Ministerial Tenders Board

Federal Ministry of Power

Federal Secretariat Complex Room 347,

Phase 1, Annex III

Abuja, Nigeria.



Mrs. Ibukun Odusote

Permanent Secretary


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