Pre-qualification of Contractors for year 2011 HV Transmission Lines and Associated Transmission Substations at Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN)

Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN)

Public Notice

Pre-qualification of Contractors for year 2011 HV Transmission Lines & Associated Transmission substations


The Federal Government of Nigeria, through the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), intends to construct the following new transmission lines and substations to improve electricity supply in the country.

Transmission Lines/Substations

Lot 2011-1:          2nd Kaduna-Kano 330KV DC transmission line

Lot 2011-2 Delta-Port Harcourt 330KV transmission line

Lot 2011-3  Yola-Song-Little Gombi-Mubi-Gulak  132KV DC transmission line.

Lot 2011-4 Maiduguri-New Marte-Monguno 132KV DC transmission line.

Lot 2011-5 Obajana-Okeagbe 132KV DC transmission line

Lot 2011-6:          New Heaven-Nkalagu 132KV DC transmission line

Lot 2011-7:          Abakaliki-Amasiri 132KV DC transmission line

Lot 2011-8:          Shagamu-Ayede 132KV DC Transmission line

Lot 2011-9:          New Osogbo-illesha-ife-Ondo 132KV DC transmission line

Lot2011-10:  Yenagoa-Amassoma-Oprpma-Ukubie-Ekawe- Igbumatoro 132KVDC

transmission line

Lot 2011-11: Ugwuaji-Nenwe 132KVDC transmission line

Lot 2011-12: Nenwe-Mpu 132KVDC transmission line

Lot 2011-13: Keffi-Kwo-Kachia 132KV DC transmission line

Lot 2011-14: Omuaran-Egbe 132KVDC transmission line

Lot 2011-15: Benin North-Auchi 132KVDC transmission line

Lot 2011-16: 2x330KV line bays extension each, at Kaduna (Mando) and Kano

(Kumbotso) substations.

Lot 2011-17:        (a)     2x330KV line bays extension each, at Delta and Port Harcourt


(b)     2x132KV line bays extension each at New Haven and Nkalagu


Lot 2011-18:        2x60MVA, 132KV substation at Nnewe and 2x132KV line bays extension

at Ugwuaji substation

Lot 2011-19:        2x60MVA, 132/33KV substation at Ngodo and 2x132KV line bays

extension at Okigwe Substation.

Lot 2011- 20:       2 x 60MVA, 132KV substation at Oporoma and 2x132KV line bays

extension at Yenagoa Substation.

Lot 2011-21:        2 x60MVA, 132KV substation at Igbumatoru and 2 x 132KV line bays

extension at Oproma substation.

Lot 2011-22:        2x60MVA, 132/33KV Substation at Okeagbe and 2x132KV line bay

extension each at Obajana.

Lot 2011-23: 2x60MVA, 132/33KV Substation at Mubi and 2x32KV line bays extension

at  Little Gombi substation

Lot 2011-24:        2x60MVA, 132/33KV Substation at Gulak and 2x132KV line bays

extension at Mubi substation.

Lot 2011-25:        2x60MVA, 132/33KV Substation at Song and 2x132KV line bays

extension at Yola substation.

Lot 2011-26:        2x60MVA, 132/33KV Substation at Little Gombi and 2x132KV line bays extension at Song substation

Lot 2011-27:        2x60MVA, 132/33KV Substation at New Marte and 2x132KV line bays extension at Maiduguri Substation

Lot 2011-28:        2x60MVA, 132/33KV Substation at Monguno and 2x132KV line bays extension at New Marte Substation

Lot 2011-29:        2x60MVA, 132/33KV Substation at Kwoi and 2x132KV line extension at Keffi substation

Lot 2011-30:

(a)     2x132KV line bays extension at New Osogbo Substation

(b)     4x132KV line bays extension at Ilesha substation

(c)      4x132KV line bays extension at Ife substation

(d)     2x132KV line bays extension at Ondo substation.

Lot 2011-31:

(a)     2x132KV line bays extension at IAyede substation

(b)     2x132KV line bays extension at Shagamu substation

Lot 2011-32:        2x60MVA, 132KV Substation at Kachia and 2x132KV line bay extension

at Kwoi substation

Lot 2011-33:        2x60MVA, 132/33KV substation at Ibiono and 2x132KV line bay extension

at UYo

Lot 2011-34:        2x60MVA, 132/33KV substation at Ose and 2x132KV line bays extension

at Ondo substation.


To pre-qualify, Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC), companies are required to provide the following:

(1)     A copy of Certificate of Incorporation in Nigeria (Forms C07must be attached) or overseas

(2)     Company profile including

  • Populated organizational and key professional staff with relevant experience on high voltage power lines and  substations
  • Availability of requisite and appropriate skills among key staff and persons to be engaged in the project.
  • Record of Quality Assurance/Quality Management System to be implemented
  • Names of Company MD/CEO, Directors, supported with Form C02, their individual address, phone numbers and curriculum vitae should also be attached.

(3) Evidence of having successfully completed two (2) similar projects within the past five years and/or details of ongoing projects. Final Taking Over Certificates/ Certificates of Performance from Clients including names, evidence of payment for such projects, addresses, e-mails and phone numbers of contact persons on each project must be attached.

(4) Where a company is a Joint Venture (JV), the lead partner shall be the more technically experienced member (having higher magnitude of works and services) with higher financial standing. Evidence of this must be clearly indicated. The responsibilities of each partner shall be clearly defined in the JV arrangement, which shall not change  during the project execution duration. The JV agreement must be signed by the Chief Executives of the JV and witnessed by a Notary Public. Each member company must be severally and jointly liable under the JV agreement which must be attached.

The lead partner shall provide all Advanced payment Guarantees (APGS) and performance Bond for Payments for the Contract.

(5) A firm can only be partner in only ONE JV or Consortium. Bids submitted by JVs or Consortia, including the same firms as  partners will be rejected.

(6) Evidence of local content plan, training plan for local engineers, including evidence of indigenous staff involvement in jobs done in Nigeria and Company’s facilities in Nigeria for execution of services.

(7) Any other relevant information which may assist in enhancing the profile of the applicants

Collection of pre-qualification document is free.

Certified Audited Account and Tax Clearance

The applicant MUST submit a certified Audited Account of the  company, along with the corresponding 3 years Tax Clearance Certificate which shall be verified and the original sighted on demand.

Important Information

1)    TCN will verify claims by companies, including office location and equipment. Interested bidders are therefore, advised to include in their submissions necessary information, authority and guarantee for such verification.

2)    Only technically pre-qualified contractors will be invited to submit financial proposals

3)    Contractors presently engaged in either TCN, PHCN, PMU or NIPP projects can also apply but should note that any contractor executing two or more projects (not Lots or Contracts) collectively not up to 75% complete, should not apply. Certified progress reports from the client shall be required as  evidence.

4)    Any contractor engaged in TCN, PHCN, PMU, or NIPP project whose performance is unsatisfactory will not be pre-qualified.

5)    Companies known to be consultants or partners to consultants with TCN, PHCN, PMU and NIPP need not apply as EPC contractors under this pre-qualification exercise.

6)    Contractors with litigation history/petitions with either TCN, PHCN, PMU or NIPP will not  be pre-qualified.

7)    No EPCC Contractor can win more than two (2) Lots

8)    TCN reserves the right to categorize applicants for 330KV or 132KV projects based on their  experience.

9)    Contractors with substantial manufacturing capacity will be given higher consideration.

10)                       Final agreement will be signed only in the name  of the lead partners

11)                       A local partner who has participated in a JV with active involvement in two or more successfully completed projects at similar voltage level, is qualified to stand alone as a bidder.

12)                       For companies sharing the same Board of Directors, Chairman, only one of such companies is eligible to participate in this pre-qualification exercise.

13)                       Prospective EPC companies whose major equipment will come from countries that will deny visas to TCN Engineers who are first time Overseas travelers, need not apply.

14)                       Evidence of compliance with the   relevant provisions of the Pension Reform Act of 2004.

Collection of Pre-Qualification Document/Technical Data Schedule.

EPC contractors are requested to indicate their interest, requesting for the “pre-qualification Document/Technical Data Schedule” from the office of Assistant General Manager (Procurement) TCN, PHCN Headquarters, Plot 441, Zambezi Crescent, Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria.

Submission of Document

One original and one copy, plus a soft copy of the proposal are to be submitted. The name and mailing address of the Applicants company shall be clearly marked on the envelope(s) bearing the submission. All the information requested for pre-qualification shall be provided in English Language by all applicants.

Failure to provide information/supporting document, that is essential for the evaluation of the applicant’s qualifications, or to provide timely clarification or substantiation of the information supplied, may result in disqualification of the applicant.

Completed pre-qualification documents should be submitted in sealed envelopes and clearly marked “Application for pre-qualification for 2011 Transmission Design and Construction projects” delivered by hand or registered mail to:

The Assistant General Manager (Procurement)

Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN)

2nd Floor, Room 228/230, PHCN Headquarters

Plot 441, Zambezi Crescent, Maitama

Abuja, Nigeria.

Telephone: +2348055027497

Submission must NOT be later than 5.00pm, on Monday, 4th April, 2011.

Opening of applications will be at 10.00am, Tuesday, 5th April, 2011, in the  Conference Room, 2nd floor, PHCN Headquarters, Plot 441, Zambezi Crescent, Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria.

For further information and/or clarification,  please contact the following email. , ,



Transmission Company of Nigeria.

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