Invitation to Tender at Rural Electrification Agency

Rural Electrification Agency


Invitation to Tender


For Rural Electrification Projects Under 2012 FGN Capital Appropriation


1.0     Introduction

The Rural Electrification Agency (REA) in line with the Federal Government’s efforts at stimulating and accelerating rural development through extension of electricity to rural and peri-urban communities nationwide intends to undertake Rural Electrification Projects under its 2012 FGN capital budgetary allocation.

Consequently, the Agency wishes to invite interested, competent and reputable companies to bid for the execution of the under-listed projects.


2.0     Scope of Work


Lot No.                        Project Description
Lot 1 Installation and Distribution of transformers in Oyo South Senatorial District, Oyo State (Osasami, Ode-Odoro Adabeji, Atowoda, Oke Itunnu, St. Stephen Church Nalende, Oke Oloro Association)


Lot 2 Installation of 1 No. 500kva 33/0.415KVA Distribution transformer along Gambari Iresaadu Road in Surulere LGA, Oyo State


Lot 3 Construction of 11KV Distribution and installation of 1No. 500KVA 11.415KV transformer at Papa Aireke along Ogbomoso Iwofin, Oyo State


Lot 4 Provision and Installation of 300KVA Transformer (11 Nos) in Oluyole Federal Constituency, Oyo State (Dalley, Olubi, Ibuso Gbaro and Onipe)


Lot 5 Installation of 1 No 500K VA 33/0.415 Transformer along Arolu along Ikunsin Road in Surulere LGA, Oyo State.


Lot 6 Construction of 11KV Distribution and installation of 1No. 500KVA

11/0.415KV transformer at Iluode along Idi-Araba in Ogo Oluwa LGA, Oyo State


Lot 7 Electrification of Oke-sopen and Atikori in Ijebu-Igbo, Ijebu-North LGA, Ogun State


Lot 8 Relocation and refurbishment of 7.5MVA 33/1 1kv transformer and Panels currently at Ijebu-Igbo to Atan, in Ijebu North-East LGA, Ogun State


Lot 9 Provision of transformer in Agbokela Ikare Akoko, Akoko North-East LGA, Ondo State


Lot 10 Provision of Transformers in Ise, Akoko North East LGA, Ondo State


Lot 11 Supply/Installation of 5Nos 33/0.415KV,500KVA Transformers including  connection to National Grid at Orhuwhorun town in Udu LGA, Edo State


Lot 12 Supply and Installation of 5No. 11/0.415 KV Transformers at Effurum in Uvwie LGA of Delta State. (Enikogho Street, Ughorikoko, Onorji Street behind Canewood Hotel, Abugo Close, Ekpan Centre Road by Woodridge, Ovwian and Ojikpata New Layout in Effurum).


Lot 13 Electrification of Unuamen village, Ovia North East LGA, Edo State


Lot 14 Electrification of umwengbe village, Ovia North East LGA, Edo State


Lot 15 Provision of 6 Nos. of 500kva Transformers in Edo North LGA, Edo State


Lot 16 Supply and Installation of 10No. Transformers in the following towns in Buruku LGA, Benue State.

(a. Electrification of Nenge (Ijah)-Fada   b. Fada – Adogo)


Lot 17 Extension of High Tension Line from Ugbema Junction to Apesough, Mbagen village, Mbakura, Mbagen, Buruku LGA in Benue State


Lot 18 Procurement and installation of 300 KVA. 33/0.415KV Transformers in Apesough, Mbayuav village, Mbaakura, Mbagen, Buruku LGA, Benue State.


Lot 19 Provision of electricity at Otobi/Ogene/Ogbodo-Amejo (Otobi only), Benue State


Lot 20 Electrification of Aifam Owukpa / Okpudu Itabono/ Adum Aona Orokram (Aide-Okpudu-Owukpa, Adum Aona, Orokpam-Ejemah Extension)


Lot 21 Relief Substations at Okpoga, Ugbokolo, Otukpa in Benue State


Lot 22 Iwewe-Eboya-Akor-Olor (Electrification) Benue State


Lot 23a Electrification of Obagaji/Okoklo, Benue State


Lot 23b Electrification of Oshigbudu/Oweto, Benue State


Lot 24a Electrification of Akpuneje, Benue State


Lot 24b Electrification of Akwete Akpa, Benue State


Lot 24c Electrification of Aagboke Oglewu, Benue State


Lot 25a Electrification of AA-Ede/Ibagba Owukpa/Odobe/Ibafu in Benue State


Lot 25b Electrification of Itabono in Benue State


Lot 26a Electrification of Adum West/Ohuma/Oyinyi/Ojwo, Benue State (Adun West/Ohuma only)


Lot 26b Electrification of Onobi /Otukpo (Extension), Benue State


Lot 26c Electrification of Ebu/Ipega/Otoli/Ehaje Olega, Benue State


Lot 26d Electrification of Ichama Ext/Adiga, Benue State


Lot 27a Electrification of Ukpa Ochodu, Benue State


Lot 27b Electrification of Ogyoma, Benue State
Lot 27c Electrification of Adoka/Umogidi/Iwili (Iwili TDN only) Benue State


Lot 27d Electrification of Ogoli/Ipolo Extension (Igbiagidi) Benue State


Lot 28a Electrification of Amla/Emichi/Okpomaju Otukpo (Amla/Enuchi) Benue State


Lot 28b Electrification of Eboya Ogiewu, Ohimini LGA, Benue State


Lot 28c Electrification of Oji in Apa LGA, Benue State


Lot 28d Electrification of Omutele-Oglewu. Ohimini LGA, Benue State (Omutele)


Lot 29 Electrification of Umuoba Anam to Nzam at Nzam Umuoba Anam, Anambra East LGA, Anambra State (Umuoba Anam)


Lot 30 Procurement and Installation of Transformers and Accessories and Grid Extension at various communities of Igbo Etiti, Igbo Eze North, Igbo Eze South, Nsukka, Udenu and Uzo-uwani LGAs in Enugu North Senatorial District, Enugu State


Lot 31 Procurement and installation of Transformers and Accessories and  Grid Extension at Obeleagu Umana, Abia, Umulungbe, Mgbagbu Ozom and Ngwo in Udi/Ezcagu Federal Constituency of Enugu State (Abia-Ofeke I & II, Mgbagbu Ozom).


Lot 32 Procurement and installation of Transformers and Accessories and Grid

Extension at Amechi Uwani, Ihuorie Amechi Uwani, Ugbo Odogwu, Ama Hausa and UNTH-Iva Road in Enugu North/Enugu South Federal constituency of Enugu State (Ihuorie Amechi Uwani)


Lot 33 Power Rehabilitation and upgrading of Distribution Sub-station, Okigwe LGA, Imo State.


Lot 34 Power Rehabilitation and supply of 2No. 200KVA Transformers, Isiala


Lot 35 LGA, Imo North, Imo State (Eziama Obollo)

Electrification of Wuro-Yanka in Adamawa State (ITC & Boberi TDN)


Lot 36 Rehabilitation of 33K.V Line from Shelleng-Dalwa, Knawa Barta and

Bodai in Adamawa State


Lot 37 Electrification in the following LGAs; Chiri, Kwakwa, Shakodna in Niger State


Lot 38 Purchase of 5 Nos. 500KVA Transformers (Tagina in Kagara LGA, Baga and Igwa in Shiroro LGA, Okada Road in Minna LGA, Tungan

Mallam in Paiko LGA), Niger State


Lot 39 Electrification of Allan Town, Shiroro LGA in Niger State


Lot 40 Electrification of Manna. Dan Maigari and Masaka Towns of Babura and Garki LGAs in Jigawa State (Dan Maigari & Nasakar)


Lot 41 Provision & Installation of 500KVA Transformers (5Nos) and Poles at (A) Ilobu, Irepodun LGA (i) Ima High School (ii) Oke-Okonda (iii) Local Govt. Scheme: (B) Osogbo, Osogbo Local Govt. Owode (Oke Baale Area: (C) Oba- Ile Olorunda Local Govt. (Oba- Ile) all in Osun State



3.0     Eligibility Criteria


Interested and competent contractors wishing to carry out the above jobs must submit the following documents.

1.       Copy of Certificate of Incorporation and Articles & Memorandum of Association.

2.       Tax clearance certificates for the last three (3) years (i.e. 2009, 2010 and


3.       VAT Registration Certificate and Certificates of VAT remittances.

4.       Certificate of compliance with Pension Act 2004 and evidence of remittances to Pencom.

5.       Audited accounts of the company for the last 3 years (2009, 2010 and 2011) duly stamped by a registered Auditor.

6.       Evidence of financial capacity from a recognized bank (Not just evidence of ownership of a bank account but also statements, showing at least immediate past six (6) months bank transactions).

7.       Verifiable evidence of similar jobs executed in the last 5 years including

letters of award, completion and or interim certificates.

8.       Evidence of contribution to industrial Training Fund (ITF)

9.       Sworn affidavit that none of the Directors of the company has ever been convicted of a criminal offence in Nigeria or any other country.

10.     Construction and Engineering companies should provide evidence that at least one of their Directors is a COREN registered Engineer and that their project supervisors are COREN registered.

11.     Comprehensive company profile including details/CVs of Management and professional staff.

12.     List of equipment to be deployed for the project and evidence of ownership or lease of the equipment.

13.     Company’s registered address and verifiable present functional contact information including street address, email addresses, land and GSM phone number(s) and fax (if any).

14.     Sworn affidavit that no staff of the Agency has interest in or is a Director of the Company.

15.     Any other relevant document(s) that will place the company at a competitive advantage over others.


4.0     Collection of Tender Documents

Interested Bidders are to pay a non-refundable fee of N25,000.00 (Twenty Five Thousand Naira) only in Bank Draft drawn in favour of Rural Electrification Agency to the Funds Directorate, 1st Floor at Agency’s Corporate Headquarters, 16 Gwani Street, Wuse Zone 4, Abuja and obtain a receipt. The original and Photostat copies of the receipt are to be presented to Procurement Directorate on the 2nd Floor of the same building for collection of Tender Documents between the hours of 10:00am and 4:00pm Mondays to Fridays on or before 9th November, 2012 by 12:00noon.


5.0     Submission/Opening of Tender Documents

5.1   Bidders are to submit six(6) hard and one soft electronic CD copies of the

Technical (pre-qualification) and Tender (financial) Documents in two separate sealed envelopes clearly marked “Technical” and “Tender” respectively on the top left corner. The Lot, Project title and package Numbers should be indicated on the back of each envelope. Both envelopes should then be placed in a third (bigger) envelope also sealed and marked with the Lot Number, Project Title and Package number on the top left corner and addressed to:


The Managing Director/CEO

Rural Electrification Agency

16, Gwani Street

Off IBB Way

Wuse Zone 4, Abuja


For ease of identification, the reverse side of all envelopes used should bear the bidding company’s name, address and phone number of contact person.


5.2     Completed documents are to be hand-delivered to the Tenders Box at the Board Room, 3rd Floor, Rural Electrification Agency Corporate Headquarters, 16, Gwani Street, off IBB Way, Wuse Zone 4, Abuja, on or before 12th November, 2012 by 12:00noon. Bidders should obtain Bid acknowledgment Receipt from the Bid Registration officer before dropping their Bids in the box. The Technical documents shall be publicly opened same day at 2:00pm at the Conference Hall, Chesbury Hotel, Gwani Street, Wuse Zone 4, Abuja, while the tender documents of only the pre-qualified bidders shall be opened at the same venue on 21st November, 2012 at 12:00noon.


Interested bidders or their representatives are hereby invited to attend the functions as scheduled above, please.


6.0   Important Notice

i)       Bidders are not restricted to only one lot but separate documents are to be

submitted for each lot.

ii)      Inability of an applicant to provide all the documents listed for eligibility or submission of fake documents shall result in disqualification and the financial Tender submitted by the applicant shall not be considered.

iii)     Contractors with history of abandonment of rural electrification job/or lack of capacity need not apply.

iv)     Only correctly addressed bids will be opened.

v)      Bids submitted after the stipulated deadline will be rejected.

vi)     Technical documents are to be arranged and numbered in the order the

requirements are listed in section 3 above.

vii)    Every page of all submitted documents i.e. hard copies must be signed by a person duly authorized to sign on behalf of the company. Evidence of such authorization in a written form should be attached and shall form part of the eligibility criteria.

viii)   The Agency will not be responsible for any cost or expenses incurred by any

interested party in connection with response to this advertisement/invitation.

ix)     The Agency reserves the right to verify the authenticity of all documents submitted.




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