Invitation for Tender for the Implementation of 2013 Capital Projects at Federal Government Girls’ College, Tambuwal, Sokoto State

Federal Government Girls’ College, Tambuwal, Sokoto State

Invitation for Tender for the Implementation of 2013 Capital Projects


1.0     Introduction

The Federal Government or Nigeria has provided funds in the 2013 Appropriation for the Federal Government Girls College. Tambuwal (FGGC, Tambuwal) and is desirous to utilize part of the fund to procure GOODS and WORKS. Therefore services of experienced contractors are required to procure the following GOODS and WORKS as listed below:


1.1       Section A: Works

LOT 1:        Construction and Furnishing of 5 Nos 2 Bedroom flats, Staff Quarters

LOT 2:        Construction of Science Laboratory.

LOT 3:        Construction of Home Economics Lab/Furnishing

LOT 4:        Construction of Storage Facilities

LOT 5:        Construction/Furnishing of Staff Room.

LOT 6:        Construction of Sports Facilities and provision of Equipments

LOT 7:        Construction of Internal Road Network

LOT 8:        Electricity Rectification

LOT 9:        Completion of Perimeter Fence: East Core

LOT 10:      Completion of Perimeter Fence: West Core

LOT 11:      Completion of Perimeter Fence: South Core


1.2      Section B: Goods

LOT 12:      Furnishing of Admin Block

LOT 13:      Procurement of Modern Text Books and Necessary Cataloging

LOT 14:      Procurement of Treated/Glossy Book Shelve (IRON TYPE)

LOT 15:      Procurement of Modern Reading Tables and Chairs

LOT 16:      Procurement and Furnishing of Assistant Librarian and Procurement of Periodicals for Referencing and Serial Section

LOT 17:      Procurement of Burglary Proof, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hazard detectors. Curtain Blinds for Window and Ventilated Areas.


2.0      Tendering Requirements

Interested and competent contractors wishing to carry out the above listed |obs are required to submit the following documents which will be subjected to due diligence by the College

(i)             Evidence of registration with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)

(ii)            Evidence of Current Tax Clearance certificate for the last three (3) years ending in December, 2013.

(iii)           Evidence of VAT registration certificate with TIN No.

(iv)           Evidence of issuance of compliance certificate to all organization by PENCOM in line with Pension Reform Act, 2004 (as amended).

(v)             Evidence of Compliance with the amended Industrial Training Fund Act. 2011

(vi)           Bidders shall not bid for more than 2 (two) Lots.

(N.B: The above listed requirements shall form part of the bids evaluation Criteria and non compliance with any of the stated conditions shall result in automatic disqualification of the bidder)


(vii)        Name of Bankers with reference.

(viii)      Evidence of financial capability to execute the projects.

(ix)           Company profile with CVs of key officers including photocopies of relevant professional/technical qualification,

(x)             Evidence of registration with relevant professional bodies such as ARCON, COREN, CORBON, etc for Section A (Works component only),

(xi)           List of verifiable construction Equipment indicating ownership or lease agreement for Section A (Works component only),

(xii)        Verifiable evidence of successful completion of similar works within the past three (3) years and attached copies of letter of award and certificate of successful completion,

(xiii)      N.B: The contract will not be awarded to the least bided contract. (N.B: The above criteria will attract marks).


2.1     Bidding will be conducted through National Competitive Bidding (NCB) procedure as specified in the 2007 Public Procurement Act.

3.0     Collection of Documents

3.1     A completed set of Bidding Documents shall be collected by interested bidders at the College premises, on the submission of written application accompanied by a non refundable tender fee of Twenty Thousand Naira (N20, 000.00) per lot.

The Bidding documents will be collected by hand by bidder’s representative.


4.0     Submission of Tender Documents.

4.1     The completed Tender should be enveloped in two separate envelopes marked “Technical Bid” and “Financial Bid”, sealed waxed and marked on the Top left Hand corner with the inscription “Section (insert either A or B) Lot No…………… and Title of project” and should be addressed to the Principal, Federal Government Girls’ College, Tambuwal, Sokoto State and deposited in the Tender Box at the address above on or before 12 noon on 1st July – 6th August 2013. The name of the Contractor should also be clearly written in Capital letter at the back of the envelopes.


Late bids will be rejected.


5.0     Public Opening of Bids

5.1     Technical Bids shall be opened immediately after close of submission in 4.1. above at the address below in the presence of the bidders’ representatives, officials of Federal Ministry of Housing, Land and Urban Development and interested members of the public. Only successful Technical Bidders will be invited for the opening of Financial Bids at a later date.


Federal Government Girls’ College,

Tambuwal, Sokoto State


6.0     Disclaimer and Conclusion

6.1     The Federal Government Girls’ College, Tambuwal, Sokoto State will not be responsible for any cost or expenses incurred by any interested party(ies) in connection with any response to this invitation and or the preparation or submission in response to an Inquiry.

6.2     Please note that this advertisement shall not be construed as a commitment on the part of the College to award any or all the above listed projects.





Federal Government Girls’ College

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