Invitation for Submission of Technical and Financial Bids to Tender for the Procurement of Equipment for College of Environmental Studies at Kaduna Polytechnic

Kaduna Polytechnic

P.M.B. 2021, Kaduna

Invitation for Submission of Technical and Financial Bids to Tender for the Procurement of Equipment for College of Environmental Studies

1.0       Introduction

The Kaduna Polytechnic wishes to notify the general public of its intention to execute the following projects under an intervention grant.


In view of the above, the Kaduna Polytechnic hereby invites Interested and eligible contractors and suppliers to submit Technical and Financial Bids to tender for any one or multiples of the projects below.


2.0 Scope of Work

The scope of work comprises of;

1 Procurement and Installation of

Equipment for Instrument Analysis



2 Procurement and Installation of

Equipment for Environmental





3.0 Pre- Qualification Requirements

All Technical Bids must be accompanied with the following documents in the order listed as requirement for consideration.

1.       Evidence of incorporation with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and CAC Forms CO 2 and CO 7;

2.       Company Tax Clearance Certificate for the last three years (Expiring in December, 2013) verifiable from Federal Inland Revenue (FIRS);

3.       Evidence of VAT registration with TIN No and remittance for the last three years;

4.       Company profile including experience and technical certificates, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of key personnel;

5.       Company audited account over the last three years duly endorsed by an Accounting firm;

6.       Evidence of registration with the Pension Commission and remittance of contributions in compliance with Pension Reform Act 2004;

7.       Evidence of compliance with Industrial Training Fund (Amendment) Act 2011;

8.       Evidence of registration with Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria (FRC);

9.       Evidence of verifiable successful completion of similar projects to include letters of commission and certificates of practical completion;

10.     Evidence of Financial Capabilities to execute the supplies. This should include certified statement from a reputable bank (bank reference letter only is not acceptable);

11.     Sworn affidavit certifying that;

I.       The company is not in insolvency or receivership.

II.      The Company does not have any director who has been convicted by any court for financial offence in relation to fraud c financial impropriety.

III.     That no Officer of Kaduna Polytechnic is a former or present director or shareholder of the company.

IV.     That there has been no promise of any gift in any form to any of the Polytechnic staff.

12.     AII photocopies of documents must be submitted in colour and arranged in the above order. Originals should be made available for sighting on request. Submissions could be disregarded for failure to comply with this instruction.

13.     Kaduna Polytechnic shall reserve the absolute right of rejecting any document it consider doubtful.

4.0 Submission of Documents

The Technical and Financial Bids for any one LOT should be put in separate envelopes and identified accordingly. The envelope(s) should then be sealed and marked “CONFIDENTIAL” along with the PROJECT TITLE / PROJECT CODE at the top left hand corner and sent to the address indicated below. Name, Telephone Number and mailing address of the bidding entity should be clearly stated on the reverse side of the envelope(s).





5.0 Closing Date of Submission

Closing date for the submission of Technical Bids shall be 12:00 noon on 25th September, 2013 while the opening shall be publicly carried out on the same date by 1.30pm at the Kaduna Polytechnic Council Chambers, Central Administration Building Tudun Wada, Kaduna. The closing date for the submission of Financial Bids shall be on 9th October, 2013 by 12:00 noon while the opening shall beat 1.30pm at the Kaduna Polytechnic Council Chambers, Central Administration Tudun Wada, Kaduna on the same date.


1.       This advertisement shall not be construed as a commitment on the part of the Kaduna Polytechnic Management nor shall it entitle the responding Bidders to make any claim(s) whatsoever and/or to seek any indemnity from the Polytechnic by virtue of such Bidders having responded to this advertisement.

2.       Only the Financial Bids of pre-qualified Companies shall be opened on the stated date above. The Financial Documents can be obtained from the Directorate of Physical Planning during working hours Monday through Friday after payment of N50, 000.00 Tender Fees.


3.       Late submission of bids will not only be rejected but returned unopened to the bidder.

4.       Suppliers or their representatives, interested members of the public, civil societies and relevant non- governmental organizations (NGO’s) are invited to witness the bids opening as scheduled above.





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