Invitation for Bids at Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET)

Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET)

National Weather Forecasting and Climate Research Centre

Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport, Abuja, Nigeria

Invitation for Bids

1.     Introduction

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) in fulfillment of its mandate in the Roadmap for the Nigerian Aviation Sector; and in accordance with the 2007 Public Procurement Act, invites interested and eligible contractors to tender for the execution of the following project which is to be funded through the 2013 Federal Government (FGN) Appropriation.


2.     Project


These are non-electronic instruments for measuring atmospheric parameters such as Temperature, Pressure, Wind Direction/Speed, Solar Radiation, Precipitation etc.

LOT 1.        Ordinary Rain gauge, Measuring Cylinder, Rainguage Clock, Stevenson Screen with stand, Dry Bulb Thermometer, Wet Bulb Thermometer and Fibre Ink.

LOT 2.        Class A Pan, Solarimeter with Display, Anemometer Cable, Wind

Speed Dial and Wind Direction Dial.

LOT3.         Barograph, Barograph Chart, Thermograph, Thermograph Chart,

Hygrograph, Hygrograph Chart and GIP3 Spare part

LOT4.         Tidal Gauge

Interested and eligible bidders are to obtain further information and collect the bid documents at the address given below from the date of Advertisement between 10:00am and 4:00pm, Mondays to Fridays, except on public holidays.

3.       Qualification Requirements

Interested bidders are expected to meet all requirements specified in the Bid documents which include:

i.        Evidence of incorporation in Nigeria (CAC forms CO2 and CO7).
ii.       Submission of immediate past three years’ tax clearance certificate, (i.e. 2010, 2011&2012).
iii.      Immediate past three years’ audited accounts of the company (2010, 2011 & 2012).
iv.      Evidence of registration and remittance of Value Added Tax (VAT),
v.       Evidence of compliance with the relevant provisions of the Pensions Reform Act 2004.
vi.      Evidence of compliance with the ITF ACT.
vii.      Company Profile
viii.     Evidence of key professional staff with relevant experience and registration with relevant professional bodies,
ix.     Verifiable documentary evidence of similar jobs successfully executed. Such evidence shall be in form of valid letters of  award of contract, contract agreement and completion certificate or interim payment certificates, where such jobs are still in progress,
x.   Evidence of financial capability and availability of bank support if awarded the contract. Please note that bankers’ letter merely stating that the applicant operates an account within a turnover range is not an adequate evidence of financial capability. (Adhere to the format as contained in the Bid Document.)
xi.     Verifiable evidence of accreditation, membership or affiliation with original equipment manufacturers is essential
Any other relevant information will be an added advantage.
4.       Collection of Bid Documents

A complete set of relevant documents in English Language may be obtained from the address below on payment of a non-refundable fee of N30, 000.00 (Thirty Thousand Naira) only payable in favour of Nigerian Meteorological Agency, ECO Bank account number 3362001620. The documents will be collected on presentation of the evidence of payment (original and photocopy) at the Procurement Office.

5.       Submission of Bid Documents

Bids must be delivered in an envelope containing two separately sealed envelopes marked technical and financial bids to the address below on or before 12:00 noon, 10 October, 2013. Bids will not be collected after this period. It is important that the name and mailing address of the bidder, including valid contact telephone number should be clearly marked on the envelopes and also in the contact address on letter of delivery.

6.       Opening of Bids

Bids will be publicly opened in the presence of representatives of companies, who choose to be present at the Agency’s Conference Room at 2:00pm on 10th October, 2013. This advertisement also serves as an invitation to all stakeholders and the general public to the bids opening.

7.       Bid Security

All bids must be accompanied by a bid security of 2 per cent of the bid value.

8.       Note: Bidders who do not scale through the technical evaluation stage shall have their financial bid(s) returned unopened.

9.       Enquiries

For Enquiries, please call

07037775161 (Head of Procurement)


08035949848 (Desk Officer-Documents)


E-mail Address:



10. NB

This advertisement shall not be construed as a commitment on the part of NIMET nor shall it entitle responding contractors to seek any indemnity from NIMET by virtue of the contractors having responded to the advertisement.


NIMET reserves the right to verify claims made by any bidder.


The Nigerian Meteorological Agency is not obliged to accept the lowest or any tender.



Director-General/CEO, Nigerian Meteorological Agency,

National Weather Forecasting & Climate Research Centre, Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport, Abuja.

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