General Procurement Notice for the Execution of 2013 Projects at The Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC)

Raw Materials Research and Development Council Corporate Headquarters, Abuja

Federal Ministry Of Science and Technology

General Procurement Notice for the Execution of 2013 Projects


The Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC) is a Parastatal under the supervision of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology. The Council is charged with the Responsibility of promoting Research and Development, specific studies, as well as investment in local sourcing of Industrial Raw Materials.

The programmes of the Council cover Raw Materials for all Industrial Sectors including:


  1. Food, Beverages and Tobacco
  2. Wood and Wood Products
  3. Pulp, Paper and Paper Products
  4. Textile, Wearing Apparel, Leather and Leather Products
  5. Domestic and Industrial Plastic, Rubber and Foam
  6. Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
  7. Base Metals, Iron and Steel
  8. Non-Metallic Minerals
  9. Motor Vehicle and Miscellaneous
  10. Electrical and Electronics
  11. New and Advanced Materials
  12. Upgrading of Indigenous Technologies


In compliance with the Public Procurement Act 2007, the Council hereby invites interested and reputable Contractors, Consultants R & D Resource Persons and Researchers with relevant experience arid good track record to submit bid documents in respect of the above for consideration for the execution of its 2013 Projects


Description of Projects

Lot 1:          National Raw Materials Research ft Development Programme Research & Development proposals in developing technologies for Raw Materials processing of above named sub – industrial sectors listed.


Lot 2:          Raw Materials Industrial Clusters Development Programme Under the Ward Based Ouster Programme, the Council intends to support existing Raw Materials Processing Ousters and promote establishment of new ones based on R&D results.


This will be executed under the PPP arrangement. Partners are invited including State Governments and their Agencies, Local Governments, Cooperative Societies, NGO’s, Entrepreneurs, Higher Institutions, Industrialists, Organized Private Sector (MAN, NACCIMA, NASSI, NASME, Financial Institutions including Micro – Finance Banks etc.)


Lot 3:          Logistics

I.   Purchase of 1000 KVA Generator



Prospective bidders are required to submit the following documents:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation/Registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)
  2. Evidence of compliance with PENCOM Act of 2004 (or Exemption)
  3. Tax Clearance Certificate for the last three (3) years (2010, 2011, & 2012) showing annual turnover
  4. Company Audited Accounts for the last 3 years (2010, 2011& 2012) showing the annual turnover
  5. Evidence of VAT Registration with TIN No. and past remittance for the last 3 years
  6. Verifiable list of similar jobs successfully executed in the last 3 years including letters of award, project cost and contact address of the Clients.
  7. Evidence of Financial capability to execute the projects (Bank guarantees from reputable banks will form part of the evaluation criteria)
  8. Company Profile and Technical qualification of key personnel with evidence of experiences on similar Jobs
  9. A sworn affidavit that none of the Directors has been convicted in any court of law of any criminal offence.
  10. Evidence of compliance with the FTP amendment Act 2011.


Tender Instructions:

  1. Interested bidders are to collect Bid Documents from Raw Materials Research and Development Council’s Tenders Board Secretariat (Room 110) upon evidence of payment of a non-refundable Tender Processing Fee of N25,000.00 (in Bank Draft in favour of RMRDC);
  2. Tendering will be conducted through the National Competitive Bidding (NCB) procedures as specified in the Public Procurement Act, 2007;
  3. Bids shall be marked according to the instructions in the Tender Documents; and
  4. Tender Documents submitted late shall be rejected


Submission of Bids:

Submission of completed Tender Documents shall be in hard sealed in 15×9.5 brown envelope, marked appropriately at the left hand corner “Technical Bid” and “Financial Bid” and addressed to.

The Director – General/Chief Executive Officer

Raw Materials Research & Development Council

17, Aguiyi – Irons! Street, Maitama




Opening of the received bids will commence by 12 noon the same day at the Council’s Pavilion. All bidders and/ or their representatives, Relevant Professional Bodies, NGOs are invited to witness the Public Opening exercise accordingly.

Please Note:

  1. All CAC, VAT, PENCOM and TAX Clearance Certificate may be referred to the Security Agencies, Corporate Affairs Commission, Federal Inland Revenue Service and National Pension Commission and other relevant bodies for verification.
  2. The Council reserves the right to reject any or all the submissions that do not meet up with the requirements as specified.
  3. The Evaluation of the received documents shall be strictly based on the requirements as specified above; and
  4. Only Companies or Resource Persons and Researchers that have been successfully screened and found competent will be given financial bid documents.
  5. Proposals for Research and Partnerships for Raw Materials Clusters can be submitted anytime.

Research Proposals can also be sent by mail to:





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