Pre-Qualification for Various Projects at Energy Commission of Nigeria


Energy Commission of Nigeria



1.       Introduction

The Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN) invites interested and credible Companies to apply for pre-qualification for the various Projects of the Commission for the 2011 Fiscal Year.


2.       SCOPS

The scope of work includes:

LOT 1:        Purchase of Motor Vehicles

  • Procurement of Duty Vehicles
  • Procurement of Project/Utility Vehicles


LOT 2:        Purchase of Teaching/Learning Aid Equipment

  • Equipment for Digitizing and video Conference


LOT 3:        Completion of Energy Resource and Information Centre

  • Construction of the phase- 1 of the Resource Centre


LOT 4:        Solar Pv Power Supply System for Supply of Electricity as Alternative Energy Sources Pilot Projects


LOT 5:        Small Scale Solar Module Production

  • Construction of 25MW Small Scale Solar Module
  • Acquisition of Solar Module Production Equipment


LOT 6:        Promotion of Wind Energy

  • Establishment of Four Wind Electricity Pilot Projects


LOT 7:   Solar Based Rural Electrification (Solar Streetlights) – Provision of Solar PV Installation for Rural Electrification in various locations in the country.


LOT 8:   Solar Based Water Pumping Project – Provision of Solar Water Pumping for Rural Electrification in various locations in the country


LOT 9:        Detailed Study or Biofuel Potentials in selected areas of the country

  • Survey of Bio Fuel Potentials in selected area in Kaduna State
  • Study of Bio fuels Potentials in selected areas in Ogun State.


LOT 10:      Upgrading of Energy Commission of Nigeria’s Facilities

Upgrading and Overhauling of ECN Facilities and Equipment


LOT 11:      Complete Renovate of ECN Podium Building.

LOT 12:     National Energy Master-Plan

  • Development and Implementation of the Master plan
  • National Energy Manpower Plan Development Component


LOT 13:      ECN/NYSC Renewable Energy Training Programmes:

Training of Corp members on Self Employed Renewable Energy Devices in Each geo-political zones.


LOT 14:    Biofuel, Biomass, Land-fill Gas and Biogas Projects for Electrification


LOT 15:   Development of Energy farm to pilot Biofuel Production


LOT 16:   Commercialization of Energy R and D Outputs

  • Organization of For a with Business Concerns
  • Advertisements in the Mass Media
  • Production of Books and Handbills on Energy R and D outputs


LOT 17:   National Energy Data Bank Development, Infrastructure specialized Software, etc


LOT 18:   Sustainable Energy Development

  • Manpower Development
  • Energy Modeling
  • Pilot projects


LOT 19:   Energy Efficiency Program:

  • Popularization/Creation of Awareness on Energy Safe for Domestic and Industrial Use in each geo-political zone.


LOT 20:   Laying down Guidelines for Utilization of Energy Resources for specific purposes


LOT 21:   Establishment of Sustainable Energy Projects’ Platform for would be investors in Energy One-Stop-Shop.


LOT 22:      Monitoring the implementation of Government Policies on Energy

Conduct of Surveys and Seminars

Production of Reports (Periodically)


LOT 23:    Development of Energy Balance


Pre-Qualification Criteria

The following requirement for pre-qualification must be submitted:

a.    Evidence of Company Incorporation in Nigeria

b.    Evidence of Tax clearance and VAT certificate

c.     Evidence of Registration with the Federal Ministry of Works as appropriate

d.    Evidence of Registration with the Energy Commission of Nigeria

e.     Company Profile with list of Technical /Managerial Staff with evidence of previous work experience, detailed clients, nature of work/contract sum etc.

f.     Articulated Work Plan and Methodology

g.    Evidence of Financial Capability

h.    Experience in handling similar jobs is an added advantage.


4.       Submission

Pre-qualification documents must be in sealed envelope marked “CONFIDENTIAL PRE-QUALIFICATION FOR ECN 2011 FISCAL YEAR CAPITAL PROJECTS” and the LOT of interest clearly printed at the top left corner of the envelope and submitted on or before 25th July 2011 to:


The Director General/CEO

Energy Commission of Nigeria

Plot 701C, Central Business Area

P. M. B. 358, Garid,




  • Submission of the Pre-qualification documents is not a guarantee for the award of contract and MUST be arranged in accordance to their sequential order as stated in (a-i) above.
  • Pre-qualification documents shall be opened by 10.00am prompt on Tuesday, 26th July, 2011
  • Only pre-qualified Companies will be invited to tender for the above listed projects


Director-General /CEO

Energy Commission of Nigeria, Abuja.

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